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Monday, June 22, 2009

Natural beauty

Being raised in a family where women win the majority number out of men made me understand more about being a lady. Women or for those who feel comfortable to be called as girl must have a desire to look good and nice in crowd; and so do I. One of the ways to make them feel complete when they step out from the front door of the house is by applying makeup. It’s like a rule of thumb of women nowadays to make a drastic change of their appearance.

My mom once when I was still a child loved so much putting on tons of makeup on her natural beauty face. I always sat on her bed and wondered myself why such a beautiful lady needs a massive touch up on her face? I could never answer myself as I was lack of beauty knowledge of women back then. Mom’s face always had varieties number of colors like a rainbow. It was more like a color code; bright red on her lip, pink on her both cheeks, three tones of colors on her eye-lids. To me I preferred mom’s face better when she’s at home rather than to see her treated her face like a piece of canvas paper!

Being a middle child among three girls when I was a teenage girl sometimes was tough for me. My eldest sister and my younger sister shared a same outlook on dressing up themselves and putting on makeup. I was the one who always cared less on personal style hence occasionally I felt being outcast among them. They used to spend extra time together just to enhance their makeup skill.. Oh.. I envied both of you =)

I always believe in natural beauty. I feel comfortable wearing my naked face whenever my husband and I go out. It’s like a freedom of oneself to bring out her true colors to the world. To me plain face is an absolute beauty and I adore most every woman out there who feels comfortable with their own skin.

In my point of view, beauty is the inner glow every woman has. Everyone wants to look good and feel beautiful. Although all of us want to look our best at all times, but the fact of the matter is that we look the best when we feel great from within. The secret to looking and feeling great is to take care of ourselves. It can be achieved by eating healthy foods and live a healthy life style and “tadaa” you will become the most beautiful girl on earth ever. =)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day Celebration

Practically I have not celebrated father’s day ever since I was young because my dad always reminds us every day is a father’s day, and we should renew our love to him just like we renew our love to God.

But as I moved in to my husband’s house, father’s day celebration is an annual event and they will celebrate it as a formal function which means grand dinner is a must for abah. I am still adapting to new things in my life and this one is an exact example of it. To me it’s totally an advantage to my stomach for I could load in as much as I could inside it.

Hence on Friday it was, circa 8pm my hubby drove abah and mama as a special treat for him to one of the classic architectural building ever at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant represents Malaysia in a nutshell. The Rumah Kampung (village house) exterior, together with the carved wooden interior, adds authenticity to the place. Cultural shows such as traditional dances are performed daily. They served local cuisine and small portion of western foods as well.

Oh, I did enjoy myself watching the performance from the multiracial dancers and my stomach was absolutely bloated from varieties of foods taken last night. Thanks for the dinner. I am looking forward for the next one.* wink*wink*

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shoe talk

Not so long ago roughly about 3 years back, if you happened to meet me, you will definitely call me a fashion freak. If you see someone wearing a bright vibrant color it might be me; I loved to match my clothing attire with one color theme. Let say for example if on that day I decided to wear a pink color hence my overall outfit would be pink from head to toe! It is crazy isn’t? :-)

Oh, shoes? Yes, I had almost 30 pairs of shoes with different colors and style to match it with my clothes. Comfort ability? I never thought of it. My pocket money was just enough for me to afford Vincci shoes or Nose shoes so I could buy new shoes every months. .

As time passes by, I realized that I’ve had already become a new person with a new fashion style. My taste of fashion nowadays is indeed a taste of modern women yet equally exotic and modest as a muslim dress. The thing that I want to point out here is I have put good quality things above anything else. It may sounds like a typical rich-spoiled-girl, but I have my own ground on this. I bought pricey but yet affordable shoes so I can use it for a whole year. I am shocked with my achievement so far; I bought three shoes since last September and I never have an intention to buy a new one.

My shoe size is big for an Asian girl and to find good shoes that could support my back bone, my total weight, and that could bring comfort to my feet is almost impossible. Did you know that if you always wear shoes that cannot support your total weight and plus make your feet hurt while wearing it could bring a disaster to your future health?

My husband always recommends for good quality leather shoes and I totally agree with him. So it’s better for me to splurge some amount of money for good shoes that can last for a whole year instead of gazing around over and over again at shopping malls to purchase new shoes. It’s actually a good habit since it is absolutely worth it for your money and your health!

So maybe the next time for me to buy a new one is only on Eid Fitri and I will only go with my husband for the reason that I always like his sense of fashion style and he will definitely choose the right and the best shoes for his wife.

It is worth the effort to find the right shoe for you and it is worth spending a few extra pennies. My feet and legs will thank me for this. ;-)

saya terdiam lalu berfikir...

Setelah lama mendiamkan diri dan hanya melihat bait-bait indah daripada rakan-rakan blog, saya terfikir sejenak adakah betul keputusan ku untuk menulis blog semenjak dari awal lagi kemunculanku di alam maya ini? Berlegar-legar segala persoalan di minda saya. Jujur saya katakan bahawa saya tidak la begitu teruja untuk menceritakan dan berkongsi bersama tentang kehidupanku bersama rakan-rakan yang mungkin tidak ku kenali. Semua ini begitu baru dan asing bagi saya lalu kadangkala hasilnya mungkin agak mengecawakan kerana saya menulis dalam keadaan terpaksa.

Sekiranya ada rakan-rakan yang mengenali diri saya ini, pasti mereka akan mengatakan saya bersikap rahsia dan hanya akan bercerita dengan mereka yang saya rasakan selesa untuk berkongsi bersama. Nah, di sini saya seperti membogelkan diriku ini untuk setiap manusia mengenali dan memahami diriku. Maaf sekiranya saya katakan bahawa kadang kala melalui penulisan rakan-rakan semua saya seperti dapat menghalusi sikap dan perwatakan mereka di dunia sebenar.Perasaan takut dengan tiba-tiba menghantui saya sekiranya rakan-rakan yang tidak saya kenali dapat membaca isi fikiran ini dan mula menilai saya melalui gaya penulisan saya.

Kadangkala saya merasakan saya lebih berminat untuk menjadi sang pencerita yang melakarkan warna-warni kehidupan pelakon di muka bumi ini daripada memasukkan diri ini ke dalan tajuk utama penceritaan dan dipertontonkan di hadapan khalayak semua. Itu sudah pasti lebih mengujakan.

Tetapi kadangkala jauh di sudut hati ini mengatakan bahawa diriku perlu mempunyai teman untuk bercerita dan bergelak ketawa bersama. Rakan-rakan dan sahabat-sahabat yang selalu di ingatan telah pergi mengikut haluan masing-masing untuk meneruskan peperangan dalam realiti kehidupan yang sebenar. Di minda apa yang tergambar adalah saya sebagai penulis yang sedang bercerita bersama-sama sahabat sejati; rakan-rakan yang tidak mungkin mengahakimi diri ini . Jadi pinta diri ini hanyala supaya bersedia untuk mendengar cerita saya ini tanpa memikirkan terlalu mendalam mengenai diri saya. Saya hanyalah insan biasa yang menulis sebagai memenuhi kehendak jiwa ini yang perlu meluahkan buah fikiran dan meluahkan perasaan di dada.

Jumpa lagi di warkah seterusnya.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Three is better than two

Sometimes when he’s not around at home because of the duty at hospital, I feel so lonely and I mean it.

I used to be happy when I have my own sweet time when no one disturbs my so-called “isolated world”. I could watch a movie marathon from morning till late evening. I would enjoy every single bit of my precious me- time.

But, now... everything has changed.

I don’t need my spare time so much as it would make my day worthless.

I suppose I am ready now to share my love with another person instead of my lovely husband. It’s not that my husband did not give enough love or whatsoever because he already gave me more that what I’ve wanted from him. After all, he’s my best man and my BFF.

All that I want now is to have a baby. I want it badly. A small creature of God that can do wonders to the world, a new person that could bring sunshine and happiness to both of us. Every time when we went out with his friends, they would bring along their children and I could not stop myself from imagining myself holding our own baby too.

Last week, as I waited at a pedestrian crossing, I saw a mother pushing a young toddler in a buggy came up alongside her. I tried to appear unmoved as the little girl caught my eyes and grinned, the child’s huge black eyes, high pony-tail curly hair and cute dimples making it impossible for me not to smile back. All happened too quickly and I straightened up and tried to look away, and when the pedestrian lights eventually went green I marched determinedly across the road, leaving the mother and child for dust.

I have always been a daughter to my mother. At this time I crave for a role of a mother as a substitute. Being a mother is the most important and the toughest job anyone will ever have. I do not expect everyone who reads my story to agree with me. I am very opinionated, but I believe that mothering is based on logic, instinct, intuition and lots of love.

Perhaps the time will come soon for both of us to become parents. Insya –Allah..

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Have u ever experienced being punished right after you committed a sin?

Now, this is what happening to me and I am always aware with my behaviour and what I do thoroughly. In fact, after I got married this thing become so real, obvious and totally undeniable. I could not explain the reason of all these matter but for sure it made me realised that God is watching me consistently.

Sometimes when I thought of what I have done was just a small thing but God still put it into account. He never missed any of it! Some of my friends gave opinions before this that if a person always got punishment right after of what they did, they are a looser of their own life.

But to me honestly, it shows the love and tender by God to his humankind. If we try to look into this deeply, God will never do harm to people, but people are the one who destroy their life easily especially when they do not have a strong faith in God. I should say my condition nowadays is like a daily reminder for me to behave and act accordingly to the Syari’ah. It’s good actually for I will always be aware of everything that I do and never go around the place with my head in the clouds.

Do you think how long will u survive and remain alive in this entertainment world? Believe me. It’s not that long as u think of. I thought yesterday was January. 1. 2009. I thought I just knew my husband for like one week. When I saw my wedding photos I thought I was still in my wedding dress. The reality is that all of them were way back in the history and it's proven when I saw my calendar today. There’s nothing in this life is permanent. Just look around yourself for examples. Even when I thought the shoes that I bought which is extremely expensive could stay longer for its service at least for a year just broken after I used it not more than a month. By God’s will everything is possible.

In Islam, we have to work hard as if the world has no end; at the same time we have to strive hard to be the best Muslim ever as if today is our last day in this universe. What I have to do now is to make the both weights balance every time.

What should I bring to God when the judgement day comes?

Are you ready for it?

Monday, June 1, 2009

It's just a post

The weather is freaking hot today. My armpits are sweating like a Niagara Waterfall. Blame to human being for greedy developments, and mischief conducts all around the world.

The only reason I did not update my post is just because I do not have any interesting story to begin with. My husband and I just spent our Thursday night and Saturday afternoon to watch movies at Galaxy Ampang. Haha..after married life, cuddling up with husband and laying around in room is the best thing to do if we have spare time together. He was extremely busy with his work at hospital last week until to see his face while sleeping was merely enough to me.

Ok.Let’s talk about the movie as it is the only thing that I can write here. “The Terminator-Salvation” Have u watched this movie? I want to recommend you to go and buy the ticket of this movie for those who have been following this movie since Arnold Schwaz.....Damn..I still don’t know how to spell his name correctly! I went to watch this movie because my husband loves this movie so much and as far as I could remember my parents is a diehard fan of ‘The Terminator’ movie. We used to watch this movie at our huge TV at home at night while eating junk foods as dessert after dinner. ( OH...pls don’t follow this as it’s not good for your health).

It’s basically about John Connor who is a man fated to lead the human resistance against Skynet and its army of Terminators. But the future that Connor was raised to believe in is altered in part by the appearance of Marcus Wright, a stranger whose last memory is of being on death row. Connor must decide whether Marcus has been sent from the future, or rescued from the past. As Skynet prepares its final onslaught, Connor and Marcus both embark on an odyssey that takes them into the heart of Skynet's operations, where they uncover the terrible secret behind the possible annihilation of mankind.

There were lots of fighting scenes here and there. So, don’t miss to watch it!