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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Setelah sekian lama berehat sementara daripada menulis,saya merasakan benda yang satu ini perlu saya luahkan di sini.

Semua sudah sedia maklum saya kini sudah bekerja bukan? Dan saya juga telah menyatakan majoriti pekerja di sini iadalah lelaki yang terdiri daripada bangsa melayu dan juga cina.

Setelah hampir sebulan saya di sini, saya boleh membuat rumusan hanya 20% sahaja yang menunaikan solat fardu.Selebihnya? Entahla.. Saya sebenarnya sangat sedih sekali dengan situasi ini kerana saya juga berada di bawah satu bumbung yang sama bersama mereka. Yang amat meruncingkan keadaan adalah mereka merupakan golongan lelaki yang sepatutnya membimbing golongan hawa. Sekiranya perkara ini berlarutan akan rosaklah institusi kekeluargaan kelak.

Sudah beberapa minggu saya melihat beberapa orang yang tidak segan silu duduk di pejabat ketika yang lainmengerjakan solat Jumaat. Aduhai..Sedihnya saya melihat situasi ini.

Dan, yang paling mengecewakan saya, sebentar tadi ada rakan pejabat yang menunaikan solat di bilik solat terbau mihun goring di bilik solat lelaki di mana kedudukan bilik solat lelaki dan perempuan adalah bersebelahan.

Saya mendoakan agar mereka semua akan tersedar dari lamunan keasyikan kehidupan dunia yang sementara ini dan segera bangkit untuk menunaikan tanggungjawab terpenting setiap muslim iaitu rukun Islam yang kedua iaitu mengerjakan solat 5 waktu.

Hrmmm..adakah saya akan kekal bekerja di sini? Jawapannya perlu di cari….

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Things happened for the last 2 weeks

1) Our house has been ransacked on the same date I posted “A fresh Thursday”. It did not feel like a fresh Thursday at all. :-(

2) I went for a site visit to find network and signal strength and possibility to place in cabin on top of a rooftop building. It’s terrible up there when you received a direct sunlight in the middle of afternoon and the sun is right on top of your head. My face has turned to be all reddish for one week.

3) After we reached office, there was a meeting being held in the room. 2 staff have been suspected positive H1N1 and asked to be quarantine by hospital. Hence, a drastic action by the board of meeting agreed that all staffs need to be ‘quarantine’ as well at home from Thursday till Sunday. Huhu. So, after 4 pm our office was officially empty.

4) Then, suddenly on Thursday I had a high fever. Everybody at home really obeyed the 'minimum 2 meter distant rule'. My dad ate on a different table during dinner. Sedih.waaaaa.

5) My lovely hubby confirmed I am not positive H1N1 hence I pull out my mask on Friday.

6) Today, I am not in a very good mood. Maybe due to PMS syndrome. So, everybody..please stay away from me.

7) Oh yes, Happy Fasting Month. Hope all of us will get ‘barakah’ on this holy month..insya allah.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A fresh Thursday

Hello everyone and good morning!

It’s so cold in here..My cubicle…my first ever cubicle when I started working on last Monday approximately on 3rd of August 2009. The office is located at Bandar Damansara and could you imagine how far it takes to drive from Setiawangsa to my workplace??? Adoi..I think I had pampered myself too much in the past.

I am still adapting myself to wake up as early as chickens at 6 am every day. Yes it has to be highlighted for personal purpose. Today, I was totally failed to remember my daily routine as an employee who needs to wake in the early hours when my alarm phone snooze out loud for few times. I was in a state of confusion for a while to remember that today is Thursday and I am no longer a student or even housewife!

In my office..There are lots of men and they occupy majority figure of the seats provided and when three new women staffs including me did report duty on Monday they were a bit shocked and ’jakun’ for a moment. Hence, the total number of women currently is 6 and sometimes it’s a privilege for us being served with civility, politeness and all sort of similar meaning of it from the other gender. (hahaha)

And so far..I am still enjoying this new environment and my colleagues are very nice and kind from the top manager to the cleaner sisters. But in truth I am still hoping to find a job that does not require me to spend so much time in the car just to face a long journey every day. It’s in fact such a tiring routine that I hate most.

I miss being at home longer and being the one who opened the door when my husband come back from hospital at 6pm. I miss to play hide and seek with him when he opened the door where he had to find me hiding behind the sofa. Now, every day at 6 o clock I will be in the car and driving back home to meet my lovely husband..