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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Random thoughts

It’s late in the night and suddenly my hands started to press the keyboard buttons to express my idea and feeling.
Hari Raya is just around the corner and I have not felt the excitement to celebrate this celebration. This is the thing that never happened to me even once in a lifetime. Am I normal to feel this way?? For the first time I feel totally and completely in love with Ramadhan. There is a serene and tranquil feeling deep inside my heart that I could not put it into words to describe it further. And as time passes by, I wish and pray to God to allow me to meet the next Ramadhan by His will Insya Allah.
I am not sure if blogging is still my priority now because I have tried to write as frequent as possible in the past to renew my entry but it would always stuck halfway and I finally threw it in my waste bin.
I think I have already changed to a different person that I once know before. I speak less, and I think more. I laugh less, and I smile more. What is happening to me now?? I am scared to enter the boredom of adult life. But as my age will never go backward and I am approaching 25 next year..I suppose I have to make myself ready to be as tough as I can to face the challenging world await me in future.
I hope if these changes are good for me..Let it stay and be part of Akmar so that I could transform her to become a better person just like what her parents wanted her to be.

Friday, September 4, 2009

That Man

Oh God, I was trying very hard to write something beautiful on someone very special in my life and it happened many times I stuck half way.

I promised myself I will write something very special about him in future.

This is the best That I could come out with;

He’s someone who likes to talk TOO MUCH,

Adorable person

Have a sincere heart which I adore so much

I am scared of him sometimes when he’s having his own ‘PMS’ syndrome

Someone that treat me as his best buddy

A person that I know loves me so much.

And someone that should know his wife loves him unquestionably a lot.

And now I am totally embarrassed if he happens to read this.

( I know I have to learn to open myself and be more romantic) waaaaaaa! This is absolutely a lovey-dovey thing!