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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thank You

It’s been a hectic month at office recently and I love being busy. Oh please let me do all the works.. I am hunger for work. Everyone in office (mostly the men) seems afraid to let me stay late to finish my works as they claim I have bigger responsibilities at home. Ie, to serve my hubby.

October was really a pack month to both of us. Most of the time when we arrived home we just stare at each other and have a good hug, asking about our day and then continue to do our unsettled business. It was so pathetic. It became so obvious when one day I felt an absolute pity to see him doing work on notebook for his never ending presentations in front of his professors when I accidentally fell asleep on our carpet room. When I woke up, he was sleeping silently next beside me. Alhamdulillah everything is running smooth again now.

We enjoy watching Grey’s Anatomy season 5 and House. It feels like heaven. There is no exact word to describe it. And yes, even though it was a hectic month, I should show and express my most gratitude to hubby for helping me a lot in doing house work together. Without his help I am pretty sure our life would be a mess for a whole month. Thank you sayang.

I always feel old and old. Maybe it is because of my increasing age or perhaps I am becoming more mature than my actual age. I just do not know. Maybe it is true.

By being a wife to a doctor you have to prepare yourself mentally and physically, to consider him spending most of his time at hospital and anything could be happened when you have arranged activities and plan together. It’s a tough job to stay awake late at night to open the door when he arrived home from hospital at 2a.m. or 3a.m. and to wake up the next day to go to work.

Besides that sometimes when we went to some places ( shopping or watching movies ) and suddenly he got the emergency call from hospital, we have to rush back to the hospital and I have to wait him at the hospital lobby. If I was lucky, I will get a chance to sit on the sofa, otherwise sadly, standing while waiting is not an option for me. If I was lucky again, it would be about 40minutes but sometimes I have to keep smiling waiting for about 2 hours and more.

And yes, when he is always not around me, most of the things I have to do it myself, the decision has to be made fast, and it must be a good one. There’s no room for a silly mistake because it will only create trouble to my life then. Actually it built up my patience and confidence in handling a bigger thing in life.

That is why people see me today looking so mature than my old face in university. I think I am thinking way too much and I like the new me! I can see things in a different perspective now and I can decide which the best one for me is. Thank you sayang for giving me this wonderful opportunity to explore myself and digging out my inner potential that has been concealed all these while.

And yes. I have to face the fact I am having an old face in a young age. Huhuhu. But hey, it’s an obvious signal “don’t mess around with me!” hahahahahahah. Oh yes, thank you God for giving me this face and this life. Alhamdulillah. ^_^

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Oh yes. I just had had my convocation on 11th October 2009. It was totally fun to meet again my university friends!

The most important person that I would like to thank here is my mom. Without her in my life, I think it would be impossible for me to complete my study. Thanks mom so much. She said to me during our phone conversation last week “Actually It’s been emotional when seeing you taking the scroll. Even though I let you go early to explore the life on your own (let me married young), but finally my daughter still managed to complete it.” Let me tell you the truth, it was not easy being married at young age when you are still study. You have to adapt to new surrounding and learn fast. There is no choice. Otherwise you will feel loss and drown in your own world. That is what happened to me when I have to struggle very hard to finish my very last semester in university. But Alhamdulillah, even though the track is not smooth in the past, I am able to crawl back slowly from the starting point of my new adventurous life as an employee. I just want to grab all opportunities and will never let any of it goes away.

Oh yes.. I am happy. Nothing big is happening to me now. I am just feeling happy. That’s it. And yes..and tired as well. ^_^

So here are some of the photos during my convocation day: Hope you enjoy watching it.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Bangkit Segera

Di wajahnya tersimpan seribu persoalan,
bagi diri yang gemar memerhati,

Pandangan ikhlas sukar kumengerti,
Apakah perkara bermain diminda?

Diri penat layu di singgahsana,
Aku sayu diam terpaku,

Bangkitla pujangga mara ke depan,
Medan perang menanti pahlawan,
Daku setia berdiri di sisi,
Melawan musuh sedia menanti,

Sinar mentari di ufuk Timur,
Kejayaan mutlak kan pasti milik berdua

By Nur AKmar Bt Muslim

sorry.But I really have to mention it.My husband said I copied it from internet. Argggghhhhh!!!
Sayang, I really can create my own poetry la!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A tough decision

It has been 2 months since I am working in this company. I am having so much fun here. Everyone is so charm and kind hearted. I love most my own cubicle, the place where I do my task..The place where I chit-chat with my lovely colleague sue. Oh God, this is so hard for me to leave everything that I have now.

I have learned many new things that I have not learned in university. It’s totally a new atmosphere for me. I am having a good relationship with all staffs at least till now. We are like a family that has a strong bond to one another, and care each other.

But, sadly I think my journey in this company will be ended very soon..There is an important thing that I have to grab out there…it’s about my future life. It is the thing that I always wanted and dream of. In order for me to be someone I wanted to be, I have to move out from my comfort zone and explore the real world await me..

And..it’s just too hard for me to say goodbye to everyone..