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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Forcing me hard!

Weehuuu.. It’s Sunday everyone! I am the most grateful person on earth to welcome Sunday. I drew a big smiley face on my diary whenever Sunday comes. It is the only day in every one whole week that does not require me to drive in the morning together with the other thousands of drivers and motorcyclists. Excuse me here because I have to say this. I am not a good fan of lorry drivers. I always get scared each time they were next to my cars while driving. I made sure I drove far –off from them. ( emm..I am pretty sure everyone is bored every time I talk about my never ending driving issue. hehehe. )

I do not want to go anywhere today and just want to sit and get body massage plus watching my favourite channels on Astro and reading my story book in our lavish room. ( I think I am just exaggerating the sentence here. :-)) While hubby is snoring jadedly on the bed...(Oh yes, I have to say that I felt pity to him. He works 24/7 everyday and he just came home from hospital this morning. So there is another concrete point that I have to stop complaining about work and driving things.)And again.. While hubby is snoring jadedly on the bed I turn on my laptop and start writing this. I am afraid if one day I have to stop writing because of my responsibilities as a wife, mommy, daughter, and worker that will not allow me to have ample time to do something I love; which is writing. I just realized I could not write under pressure. I used to write on late night circa 2 a.m when I was still a student because I think I write better in soundless night-time when everybody is sleeping, the wind stop breezing, the moon is shining beautifully and I hear me breathing. And now, I have to struggle writing because I can hear everything! If you see clearly, you will start asking what is the main point of my writing today, isn’t it? I am asking the same question to myself now! ( See, it’s proven here!!!)

P/s : I suppose I have to stop now and come up with a better material when I continue writing at night. I will try my best to update my blog as soon as possible. Hope everyone will still support me and read my blog because I will try my best to write when the time is right and the ideas are popping out fast. To Aie, this entry is for you. Hope you will enjoy reading it. hahahahahh

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Oh hello everyone!! How is your life because my life is full with wonderful colors around me.

There is nothing interesting happening around me except I just went back to my home town (Hola beloved Johor Bahru!!!!!) and enjoyed a great weekend there plus my husband and I have reached our one year old of marriage. I don’t opt to use celebrate here because personally I think we have to celebrate it and try to nourish it every day. We have to let the love grow stronger everyday don’t we?

Oh, JB was and still a lovely place to me. I feel relax and peaceful whenever I go back to Jb. I secretly wish that one day I and my husband will settle down in Jb. The development is moderate and not in a rush like KL and yet you can get everything you want there. People and neighbors are kind and extremely friendly to you as well as the cats! They do not look tense because they are having a normal life without traffic jam. Oh, and how should I relate it to the cats? When the owners of the cats are not stress the cats will be treated well. I have to say my parents have spoiled their beloved cats at home. Oh NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Little by little I am learning to love my job now even though I always pray to God for a miracle to take place in my life. Hey, it is not that bad as I discovered the fact that YTL is such a huge and establish company in Malaysia. Why I never heard the name all these while?? It’s my fault and I am thinking to punch hard my face now. Haiiiyaaaaak…dush!!! I have to change the way I am reading newspaper onwards and remember to take note on anything important in my diary. ^_^ .

YTL will soon deploy a nationwide 4G network service has signed a 15 year agreement Wholesale Ethernet Service and Master Tenancy for Infrastructure Sharing Agreement with Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM). I have a big desire to be part of the important people here that are working very hard to change this big dream into a reality. It is still a long journey for me to master all the knowledge here and I am mentally and physically prepared to push to gear 5 to speed up my performance fast fast fast! I will be having a Ceragon IP training on next week and that means my weekend is fully booked with ‘machine manual reading session’.

I am literally trying to digest this proverb which I love much “ It is not in doing what you like, but in liking what you do that is the secret of happiness’ ~~ by Sir James M. Barrie.

P/s : Something good is happening to me next week. I am smiling happily and trying not to show it off to people around me. Dear God, Thank you so much for your blessing in my life. Please let me remain to be a humble and modest people for ever and a day because that is what suits me well. Even though I always wanted to keep my eyes on the stars, I wish my feet will be attached forever on the ground…….