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Thursday, July 29, 2010


What is the main purpose of blogging? Is it to tell the whole thing about yourself..to make yourself embarrassed?

Our stories and our life are like a strong building block and it should be the key to our strength for our existence in this world. My mood to update blog is like a roller-coaster nowadays. There are ups and downs. Sometimes I think I have had hurt my feeling from my writing. It surely is not a good feeling that I have to live with.

I want to live in peace. The reality is that, my life and my stories are not as sweet as sugar and I don’t want to stress too much to come out with a fairy tale story to be presented to everyone. That’s me. I don’t know how to please people other than my families.

So ladies and if there are guys..I’m closing this blog soon. I probably will start over again when my inner voice said “ Akmar, you should write again”. I don’t know when it will be..It’s about time and reason.

At first, I was thinking to close it when I successfully reached the 100th post. It’s sooner than my plan i guess.

So, thank you so much for the never ending support to this blog. It’s just tough to maintain this blog and to present a nice material that will attract me to read it time and again.. My expectation seems very high, and I could see that I have failed to reach the mark.

Thank you everyone. It’s time to leave. Sayonara

My imagination while on .... (huhu)

Sshhh..i’m writing this while the meeting is still going on..What on earth an employee could ever do this? Please don’t ever dare to try and do this people..you might be caught if you don’t have a super power like i do.(hahaha.menyampah!) I have been sitting on this chair since 2:30 p.m.. and the wall clock is showing me it’s already 5 minutes passed 6 p.m. I seriously need a tonic drink to allow me to stay focus while meeting time. Do you have any suggestion? I am more than happy if you can share it with me. =)
-the deserted island of nowhere-

As I was trying my best to listen tentatively, there was a big huge cloud over my head imagining something. What will i take with me if I was left alone on a deserted island surrounded by sea? These are the things that I had listed down:

1) Abang fuad. He is my greatest companion and will always do. I miss him so much now since I know he has already reached home. Since I love so much to perform prayer with him, he can lead the prayer as usual so hopefully we will get more blessing from God to help us during the critical period.

2) Mobile phone. I need this so I can make an emergency call ( 999) , to call my mom if I ever miss her on waiting for the rescue team to arrive.

3) I need to bring along the cable from home for streamyx service. I could never imagine myself without internet! And how should i run the business without the internet connection? =)

4) I will take a carton of herbal life stocks to boost up my energy level so that we will be able to stay healthy and energetic while waiting on the island. It’s just as simple as A B C to prepare the shake as our core meal. You will immediately feel full and healthy. It can also help to improve your digestive system by increasing your metabolism rate.

5) The Quran and my novels. The purpose is to supply knowledge, peace, and freedom to my mind. It’s also the food to my soul.

6) I need 2 hammers, 2 saws and lots of nails so that we can build up our new house. You surely don’t want to spend your time by sleeping on the sand all the while right? And who does?

-and this will be our new house !-

7) I want to bring along my bed, flat screen tv, and astro . If I have had built a house, definitely I need furniture and some sort of entertainment. I don’t want to use all my time with abang fuad to perform Hula Dance till late night. That’s not right....hrmmm..

8) A compass, watch, alarm clock! Yeah, that’s right..how am I be able to pray if I don’t know the direction (kiblah) and to tell time? Since I am not so sure the way to tell time using sun, and to read from the sign of stars (horoscope was once used to help sailors to navigate and tell direction at sea in order to reach their destination) these items will assist me on that. The alarm clock will help me to wake me up in the morning to prepare the breakfast. The best time to drink Herbal Life is in the morning as the coach said =)

9) Few clothes. Woman will still be a woman. I will sweat for living on a hot deserted island thus I need extra clothes. It’s a must.

10) I need hope and faith that I will be rescued and the rescue team will be able to find us. Amin...

Oh, finally...it’s time to go back everyone!! I can feel numbness on my back. Ouch!
I need to do stretching before going back.
So long!! -XOXO-

Friday, July 16, 2010

air itu tumpah juga

tak nak fikir,
tak nak....

hati mana yg tak mahu,
sgt mengharapkan keajaiban dariNya,
aku tidak perlu dipujuk kerna ayah didik supaya tabah dan cekal,
itu peganganku...

hilai tawa, gelak tangis itu impianku,
hadirlah matahari sinarilah kami,
belum berjumpa tapi rinduku hadir,
menggapai sesuatu yang tidak tercapai,
semoga angan-angan menjadi kenyataan..

situ siti sana sini,
semua kabar indah belaka,
aku tersenyum berkongsi tawa,
giliran ini bilakah pula?

sujud menunduk menilai diri,
pintaku bersihkan jiwa ini..
harapanku hanya satu...
ya allah..maafkan daku..

sumpah aku benci menangis,
kerana menangis melemahkan diri,
tapi bila hati tidak mampu menangkis,
aku berbisik pada ilahi...
air mata melimpah ke bumi...

pasti risau dan termenung...
bila anak mejadi lemah...

tapi ibu, aku manusia,
punya hati dan juga perasaan...
mahu jadi seperti ibu...
punya pengalaman indah..
bergelar ibu..

hadirlah dikau..
kami di sini setia menunggu..