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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


malas nak tulis sbb tak nak ingat bila baca balik nanti.
apalah perasaan ni ye?
shoooshhh shoooshhhh go away!

Friday, August 20, 2010

HOLS to be closed soon

I have decided to closing down HOLS by the end of this year and will be focusing on my career. It's truely an enjoyable experience and has brought many lovely moments into my life. Unfortunately, it's difficult to drive while having conversation on mobile phone; and so do to my career. I never felt so good with my career until I joined this company. I can keep talking to my dad on phone from 5p.m till 6p.m and until I safely arrived home.. There are so many things that I want to explore here..and I think this is the best place to dig out my true potential

On the other hand, by putting my days and my daily routine packed with lots of work from day to night, I always feel terribly exhausted where I made all excuses from seeing my closed friends.. Now I realised, I am not normal to think way too much about all things but not  myself. I miss chilling out with my dear friend, raihan, fadwa and alshama. I regretted to know that Fadwa has went back to Yaman eventhough she has left her number in my inbox. She wanted to meet me, and I had 1000 excuses ; business on weekend. Oh, that's so pathetic Akmar!! I hate myself for doing that to my best friend!

Business is good when you do it full time. If you work full time and do business part time, you won't success and you won;t find satisfaction in doing it. I have realised it now. My new job, require me to travel a lot and to be prepared to be back late due to meeting with all vendors and higher level of managers. I have to be prepared mentally and physically if I want to be a successful employee, and I am dreaming to become one. Hence, while having an important meeting, and receiving messages from customers asking when to deliver their items might be distracted sometimes. I know my limit well; I am not a type of person who can manage  2 works at a time. I have to decide to finish the most important task first, then only I can continue to do the other. I feel sad to turn everyone down; my friends and my customers and I don;t want to be involved in this feeling way longer anymore.

In order to pursue my dream career, I have to make a crucial decision... and I have made one. I could foresee that if I continue doing 2 in 1 job at a time, I would be sinking deep down into Mariana Trench and no rescue team would be able to save me afterwards.

Hence, please enjoy the sale and promotion price at HOLS  everyone!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Weehuu! Ramadhan Kareem everyone!Let’s welcome ramadhan with wide open arms! Mind me for my long vacation. =) That’s just simply a cheap excuse and everyone won’t buy it I guess.

If you could smell from my previous entries, you will definitely know that I am finally over with YTL and moved to a company that was on my ‘must –get-it-list’ since I was at Uni. I started again as a new employee even though I have about 1 year experience. Oh oh..I don’t mind it at all ! seriously! The tasks, the technology, the equipmentsand the people I am dealing with everyday are totally something new to me. Everything seems alien, and the atmosphere is different. This is great since I love to try new things and I think I should take this opportunity to challenge myself to be an extraordinary person. I always believed, by being in a new place, we will refresh our energy, generate more outstanding ideas, expanding our circle of friends and network ,and hence will develop a great satisfaction feeling that is good to motivate you to be a better person.

Oh, I always feel I am alone in blogging world.. no one here to cherish me..to give good advice to me. Theoretically I have a beloved parents in-law and an undeniable loving husband..but practically..deep inside me..i always feel alone..hubby is too busy to help needy patient...I won’t let him to ever have to choose me over his patients..mama and abah(parents-in-law) have lots of things to attend to, and their yearly calendar have been fully booked by too many programmes.. and mama and papa(my parents) are just too far away to see my sad face..or even to hear my shallow whisper while I am at my lowest point..

This is sad when I flash back my routine life. I work till late evening,and at night time I will take customer's order and update new stock and wrapping and packing the parcel for delivery,while during weekend I am way too busy to take new stocks and taking photos with husband and do some delivery again..It's like a yearly routine and I have become immune with the hectic life.. Somehow, I just realised; that's the real reason why I don't have many friends..and husband has become my bestfriend and my best partner all these while..

I am a person with minimum words and no expression. The best I can give you is my smile..Because I believe it will make you feel warm and happy.. I don’t like to repeat my sentence for the most part if it’s sad news. If it’s a good news, I don’t fancy to repeat it as well..

The greatest part of happiness is when you succeeded to hide it from everyone and people could still sense it from your blissful face which you will definitely fail to conceal it, because the positive charge that you brought have successfully spread to everyone. And it was the main reason why I started blogging; to share my inner thoughts, to unlock myself and to be free. Writing always bring pleasure to me, it’s like asking my inner voice to tell me what’s really going on with Akmar, and to do mental check-up to screen my mental status. So far, I think I still recognise me when I read back from my very first entry. =)

And today, I received an overwhelming message from my silent reader. She left the message in my inbox and said how my writing has had gave her motivation to start again her life with a new spirit. I read quite a number of blogs which I love and adore so much. I love how they can produce such a beautiful writing that inspires me a lot. To tell you the truth, when I looked back at my blog, I saw a simple and plain blog with an ordinary life. And simple life suits me best. I am still thinking how she could get something from my writing....hrmmm...oh! and surprisingly I feel happy to find a new pen-pal.. someone who I believe has a connection with my inner voice..someone who recognise me through my writing.. after all..in blogging world..this is the real Akmar..and I am extremely happy. Thank you kak Aizy! I almost cried when reading your comment.. It’s just so sincere ..and I wish you to be blessed by God in everything you do and wish for in life.



Monday, August 9, 2010


kami rasa nak duduk condo for safety reason. tempat ni sangat cantik. landscap area cantik dan sangat besar.sesuai untuk environment anak2..tenang daripada hiruk pikuk bandar.masalahnya tempat ni kat area batu caves..kalau nak keluar pagi2..jem kan..abang fuad nak kejar ke hospital ampang pun agak jauh..hrmmm.should we cancel it??

all the pictures shown above are of type B standard ;1004 sf. ours is slightly bigger than this,1209 sf. 3+1 rooms with 2 toilets.hrmm..2 toilets might not be enuff for our family i guess.. we were thinking to cancel the order due to the traffic congestion during morning and peak hour at batu caves..and there are no shopping mall nearby our area..maybe we should just cancel it off eventhough I have fall in love with the design and the interior..( it's a rare design and concept compared to few other types that we have surveyed) ...

Monday, August 2, 2010

kasih ayah tidak bertepi

salam sejahtera semua.
aku mahu menulis .
aku mahu bila aku sudah tua nanti, akan ku baca kembali nukilanku ini.
kerana ia penting...

mindaku ligat berputar..
untuk imbas kembali kenangan aku bersama ayah..
di tasik titiwangsa,ayah mengangkat aku, aku merengek minta diputar..
ayah masih muda persis hero cerita tamil yang kacak..
ayah sangat gagah dan amat menyayangi anak-anak nya..
segala hilai tawa terpamir pada garisan indah giginya..
aku ingat..aku anak yang paling gembira punya ayah yang paling penyayang..
kasih ayah itu begitu terserlah....
aku masih ingat..
suatu masa pun berlalu...
angin kencang menghempas di tepian pantai..
ombak laut manyapa kami sekeluarga..
tempias terasa tapi kami redha..
kerana kasihnya kami kepada ayah..
tidak pernah sekelumit perasaan marah hinggap di dada kami..
kerana ia satu pengajaran paling bermakna bagi kami sekeluarga,
pengalaman ayah dikongsi bersama,
untuk lebih mengenal tuhan yang maha Esa,
kami gagah bangun semula,
kami sayang sangat ayah!

seingat aku, kasih ayah sangat istimewa,
ayah tidak pernah mendidik kami dengan wang ringgit, jauh sekali mulut aku meminta pada ayah,
aku kagum sangat dengan segala ilmu di dadanya, ayah paling gemar berkongsi cerita,
kasih ayah lain seperti kasih ibu,
ayah adalah sumber inspirasiku,

aku amat marah, hati aku sangat terluka, air mata aku mengalir,
bila ada yang mengata ayah..
siapa kamu untuk bersuara???
darah merah yang mengalir dalam badan ini, mata yang melihat perbuatan kamu semua, telinga yang mendengar kamu berkata, datangnya daripada sperma ayahku..
dia ayahku..kasihnya ayah tiada bandingan dengan segala kasih di muka bumi ini..
jiwanya yang halus amat menyayangi kami..
segala yang dibuat, tindakan yang diambil, kerana dia amat menyayangi kami..
aku bersyukur punya ayah sepertinya..
ayah ajar maafkan mereka

ayahlah matahari,
menyinari kami,
aku selesa berbincang segala aspek perkara dengannya. segala rahsiaku disimpan kemas oleh ayah. ayah ingat setiap butir bicaraku,gerak hatiku ayah mendahuluiku, dan ayah akan segera memperbetulkan segala kesilapanku..
kata ayah manusia ini hanyalah hamba yg Esa.
sebentar sungguh masa diberiNya.
perkara yang paling aku suka dengan ayah ialah; ayah sangat jujur memberi pandangan, dan ayah amat amat amatlah penyabar orangnya dengan caranya tersendiri..

ingatanku berputar kembali,
ayah selalu menyikat rambutku pada usia remaja,
ayah juga memotong rambutku menggunakan periuk; hasilnya rambut persis seperti periuk di waktu itu =)
ayah selalu membantuku membalut buku; aku akan memuji-muji ayah untuk mengelak membalut buku..bukan apa, hasil tangan ayahku 100 kali ganda lebih kemas daripada hasil tanganku,
ayah selalu berlatih badminton dengan kami,dan ayah pasti tidak akan memberi peluang untuk kami menang ( aku faham sekarang apa sebabnya ayah begitu : ayah mahu kami lompat lebih tinggi daripada keupayaan kami )
ayah tidak jemu mengajar aku memasak,
ayah selalu tersenyum mendengar keletah anak-anaknya yang becok,
ayah selalu membuat perhimpunan keluarga untuk usrah seisi keluarga ( aku rindu waktu itu )
ayah orang pertama yang dapat menghidu waktu perkenalanku dengan suamiku.
ayah sembunyikan air matanya di hari pernikahanku..=(
ayah selalu tersenyum bila kami adik beradik lengkap di rumah,
dan yang paling aku sedih..aku baru sahaja faham mengapa ayah tidak hadir di hari konvokesyenku...ayah mahu memberi laluan kepada suamiku dan ibuku untuk duduk di dalam dewan menyaksikan hari bersejarahku...ayah memberikan 1000 alasan untuk tidak hadir ketika itu.kini baru aku mengerti.. ayah manusia halus tindakannya..terima kasih papa..

aku begini pada harini, berdirinya aku dengan pemikiranku begini adalah kerana ayahku..
Doa ku hanyalah satu, untuk menjadi insan yang lebih baik daripada hari ini, menjadi anak yang lebih solehah, kerana itulah impian ayahku..

P/s : aku amat takut untuk menulis tentang ayah tidak lain dan tidak bukan kerana ayahku amat berhati-hati bila mengeluarkan butir bicaranya....dan aku amat berharap dan berdoa agar aku dapat menjadi insan yang amat berhati-hati bila berkata.
 tetapi ayah, ketahuilah bahawa keluarga kita ini tidah akan menjadi seindah pelangi petang tanpa kehadiranmu yang mewarnai hidup kami. terima kasih tidak terhingga atas panggilan telefon tadi dan menyedarkan kekhilafanku dan keterlanjuranku dalam berkata.Air mata ini,bercicir jatuh tapi kerana ayah mahu aku tabah dan muhasabah, aku telan kembali sendu di jiwa . Aku mahu untuk berkata ini..."papa, i love you so much". You are the greatest father in this world.