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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


sambil-sambil tgk TV ni, sambil-sambil mar tengok gambar item di HOLS page. ermm, facebook ni mmg minimize kan kualiti gambar la kan. sedih jer tengok mutu gambar di facebook...

Tengoklah. kalau kat sini nampak jelas je kan setiap details. :-( Mar dan haida sebuk bekerja. xsempat nak jaga blog HOLS. cuma dapat maintain di facebook sahaja....

Jadi, untuk reader setia mar, inilah gambar sebenar yang diedit abang fuad dan kualitinya amatlah jauh berbeza di facebook.Kalau korang nak tengok dengan lebih detail, bolehla click pada gambar tu dan zoom in banyak-banyak, mesti puas tengok!

Kepada sesiapa yang tertarik hati sebab tengok gambar dan kualiti material baju-baju ni, bolehla tengok dengan lebih lanjut di laman facebook HOLS yang dikendalikan oleh "adik" mar ; Haida. :-)

kepada sesiapa yang berminat bolehla tinggalkan komen di bawah. mar akan bagi link pada anda nanti :-)

P/s : macam perlu maintain balik blog je :-(

Monday, October 25, 2010

My job is fantastic!

The title is purposedly to boost up my mood again; heh .

I was indistinct a few months back. I walked with closed eyes hence I walked slowly to avoid stumbling on a hard rock. There was extraordinary number of terms that I was not familiar with. It's ancient now.

I am not as good as other senior staffs here, but I am quite satisfied to be able to understand the system of work, project concept, technical part, soft skill knowledge etc. I like to venture out new things in my life hence I consider this job as fantastic!

I went to quite number of places and exchanges. I went deep into the chamber room underneath road. I have opportunities to configure Huawei radio (AG Softswitch) during training class. I had configured Ceragon radio previously and I have to say that Huawei's technology is more user friendly and easier to handle by referring to the manual. I went to the MDF room where they put hundred thousand of cables... this is the place for the source of your telephone, Streamyx, ITalk, fax service. Unifi HSBB source terminal is also available at the exchange. It will be delivered right to your home or office by using the optical cable. The speed is impeccable and reliable. You surely crave for a stable connection during browsing, e-banking, social networking, and do online shopping right, who does not?

But sadly, we have a strict rule here; no photo is allowed to be taken in the exchange. I cannot share my experience with my readers here, but one thing that I need to state here, we work really hard to provide you with the best service.

My colleagues? They are the most interesting person that I have ever met. They are dedicated, sincere in doing job, and hardworking. I learned something from them. Money will not completely provide you with a job satisfaction. Money cannot trade your happiness. Never. They are young and they are ambitious. I love to be among these types of people who can spread out the positive attitude. Now, I really can feel the spirit of team work; it's part of my requirement in searching happiness. Just one word of advice, it's pathetic to have to work because we have to earn money, but instead we have to work because we love doing of what we are doing 5 days per week.

I want to be optimistic in life and I love to believe in this idea. Life is too short to choose a wrong career. As of today, I love most of what I am doing now; to serve you better in wired line technology. I never put a specific target in my career; I just want to be sincere and perform my best in what I do because it's the root of happiness.Personally I think everyday is a new day and it successfully challenge me in certain ways.Maybe another 3 to 5 years ahead my mind will knock my heart to change a career path which I love at that certain point of time. Who knows..? I will try to listen to my heart and pray to Allah to bless my decision.

At that moment, my escapade will begin again with a new career... a businesswoman maybe?

Friday, October 15, 2010

sakit ok

mar suka sangat masak.
bila nak masak copy paste resipi dari internet.
hari ni konon -konon nak tolong mama masak, supaya dia rest. nak bagi suami, adik ipar, biras makan sedap2.

mar start masak dari jam 1 tgh hari.
sekarang pukul 4.

apa kes??
kenapa lama sangat ya?

skill x mantap lagi kot..
sekarang sakit pinggang gila-gila..
kejap lagi haida pulak nak datang rumah.
kami kena kira-kira stok dan ambil measurement baju...

tapi sakit pinggang gila-gila...

kalau ada rumah sendiri, hari-hari kena masak..
maksudnya pinggang.........dot dot dot

kita tampal keroyok yok !

Thursday, October 14, 2010

my decision

Usually when people tired, they sleep. When I am tired, I write.

But then, I paused a while, I don’t know what I should write today. My inner voice said I should write no matter how I feel now. I realized something has happened and changed my character...

I never realized that one day I could make my own decision. It was totally something out of my mind if you are referring to my previous life. Mommy always decide for me what I should wear, what I should do, how I should comb my hair, how I should  walk, what color is nicer for my skin etc. I never blamed my mother. She did what she thought best for her daughter.

I always feel satisfied being a follower and let people decide for me. I did not like to shop alone because I need people’s suggestion on what is best for me. Hence I would drag my sisters or sometimes my friends to accompany me and provide me with the best suggestion that they could give. Oh, I feel pity to myself when recalling back those time. I was helpless...

I constantly need assurance from people around me to the certain extent I would do what they thought best for me, I would wear what they thought looks good on me...I followed majority’s voice since I didn’t express my idea. I was so tiny in myself..

The time is over. I am not going to revenge on my past and point my finger to anyone. I should have been aware of my desire, my thoughts and have studied my potential before.. Since married to a busy man, I have plenty of time to decide on my own. I have to think the risk and the benefit of every decision to be made. The consequences of my decision will affect me, my marriage and my family, therefore I have to be extra careful whenever the situation arises and I have to make a quick and good decision.

I have been practicing it recently. The best decision is when it brings the highest benefit to us.

My colleagues and I have a field work tomorrow morning nearby Port Klang. It is going to be a long journey indeed. I have to be there sharp at 9 a.m. On the other hand, I don't want to sleep because I enjoy watching commonwealth games at astro supersport channel. The Malaysia team is playing badminton. Malaysia Boleh!

I know what I want now and I have decided it. I don’t feel sleepy but I have to sleep now. By calculating on the pros and cons, it’s best to sleep at this instant given that I have to wake up at 5 in the morning.

Hooray! I successfully made a best decision for myself!

The light is off. Goodnight everyone. Have a nice sleep.

Start counting sheep if you can’t sleep . :-)

~A letter with love~

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Maher Zain - For the rest of my life.mp4

A beautiful song by Mr Maher Zain.
This song is a picture of our love..
I am blessed to meet a person like you. You saved me from darkness and brought me a ray of sunlight
i am destinied to be with you..
And I want to thank Allah for open my eyes and see you..

"I praise Allah for sending me you my love You found me home and sail with me And I`m here with you Now let me let you know You`ve opened my heart I was always thinking that love was wrong But everything was changed when you came along "

"And theres a couple words I want to say "

"Chorus: For the rest of my life I`ll be with you I`ll stay by your side honest and true Till the end of my time I`ll be loving you.loving you For the rest of my life Thru days and night I`ll thank Allah for open my eyes Now and forever I...I`ll be there for you "

"I know that deep in my heart "

"I feel so blessed when I think of you And I ask Allah to bless all we do You`re my wife husband and my friend and my strength And I pray we`re together eternally Now I find myself so strong Everything changed when you came along "

"And theres a couple word I want to say "

"I know that deep in my heart now that you`re here Infront of me I strongly feel love And I have no doubt And I`m singing loud that I`ll love you eternally "
"I know that deep in my heart.."

P/S : This is truly indeed the most sweetest thing i've ever heard... Such an amazing voice and such powerful words

Monday, October 11, 2010

~ I am in love ~

Paulo Coelho is the name given to this man.. He has taken away my heart and my mind from his writing.. I just can’t stop from loving every single books he wrote..

He inspires me to be intuitive in writing, be honest on yourself, never put a limit to your ideas, brave enough to get what you want, don’t be ordinary but extraordinary.. I love the way he chose every words of the sentences and made them beautiful. I have read quite amount of number of books since I was young, but most of them I don’t have emotional bond that link us together along the story between a writer and reader. But, it’s different when I read Paulo Coelho’s books. He is truly sincere with his words on which certain level I almost cried, or mad when he successfully connected the story with my life.

He made me to think of pursuing my dreams, never be scared of failure since it’s the first step to success and believing in your quality. Every human being is special; the only thing that makes us different is only the first step and decision we chose.

All successful people begin with a remarkable and fascinating story that leads them to success; same goes to Paulo Coelho. His parents have decided for him to become an engineer given that his father is a highly respected engineer; but he refused to become one. He wanted to be what he wants to; a writer even though he never get chances to get a formal lesson on writing skill. At 17, Coelho's introversion and opposition to following a traditional path led to his parents committing him to a mental institution from which he escaped three times before being released at the age of 20.

His determination and positive thinking never put him in a dark side where to blame his parents. He took that as a favor that has brought him to be a well-known and best-selling author worldwide.

I am now reading his novel; The Zahir, a book dedicated to his wife. His wife plays a big role to make it as he is now, and he only realized it when his ‘zahir’ disappeared. This book is about Paulo and his wife and I love when he is open to tell the truth and admit of the wrongdoings he made by having affairs with other women. His wife was the one who force Paulo to reach for the sky and to pursue his dream; writing has saved their marriage previously when Paulo found happiness and satisfaction. But when luxury and fame have surrounded you and you were lost in it, sometimes the most special person will be forgotten.

“His search for her-and for the truth of his own life- takes him from South America to Spain, France, and Croatia and, eventually, the bleakly beautiful landscape of Central Asia. More than that, it leads him into a new understanding of the nature of love, the power of destiny and what it really means to follow your heart”.

Paulo Coelho inspires me to fulfill my dreams, taught me well that life is a journey and not a destination, learn to become an honest writer and to appreciate and have a mutual understanding with your love partner.

Oh my, I am so in love with all your books! Paulo, could you please just don’t stop writing and continue to bring happiness to my world? =)

Paulo Coelho

Sunday, October 10, 2010

english vs bahasa melaysia

Several readers have left messages in my facebook inbox saying that they love more my writing in english rather than bahasa malaysia. They want me to write more in english instead of bahasa malaysia/

I took that as a compliment. I believe they don't mean to hurt me or other people who write in bahasa malaysia. They make my blog as their platform to improve english language. Honestly, I have to remind everyone that the main reason I write in english is to establish my writing skill in english, hence the idea to make my blog as their reference is not 100% correct. There are many bloggers out there whom I love to read and visit once in a while. You can try to search on the left RIGHT hand side of this blog and click on one of them. They write beautifully and they always inspire me to write better.

My husband has once said to me to continue writing in English, and now several readers have requested the same thing too.

Hence, let us prepare the knowledge and improve our skill in writing in English! The traffic light is green and my engine starts now. Vrooom!

did i make the right decision?

It’s Sunday and it's freaking hoot! . Sometimes when it's too hot, it could probably change people’s mood and behaviour, same goes when it’s too cold. I can’t tolerate extreme weather since young. That’s why we just lingering around at our home and decided not to go out on weekend.

Ani came by for family visit and sleeps a night at my house. It seems the most natural thing to see your sibling face to face, had a sleepover time with her, and be able to reminisce back all our childhood time. We had a great time and we laughed like we are playing with a group of clowns. I love that face, the face that has been familiar to me for 25 years old.. My marriage and her career in Pulau Pinang have put us far-flung from one another, so as my little sister who is studying in JB. The two of them are my all time favourite people that I can’t miss to meet whenever I have spare time.

We talked about our career, and she seems so delighted and thrilled on her current job. I am the happiest person to know that. While she asked me the same question in return, I had a big cloud on my head and it’s quite blur..What does it mean? Frankly speaking, I am not very sure of that.

I love to face adventure because it pushes up my adrenaline to the highest peak. I love to find satisfaction in whatever I do and I want to do it the best. Perfection is vital and so as happiness in our career. In YTL, I had both. I had established my position and I had a vast knowledge on wireless technology since from the top ranking of managers to my colleague level, we instilled the habit of sharing ideas, knowledge, and new technologies. Even though I am the only woman in the team, I never felt being outcast among them. The bond is strong that allow us to do the impossible become possible. We were small in number, so that I had a various opportunities to challenge myself in different part of job scope. I trained the senior staffs on IP, on the radio, how to plan network etc... I was an important person in this wimax project.

Suddenly, at one point I said to myself, “I have to challenge myself and it’s time to move out to see other opportunities out there” Alhamdulillah..A company took me in as its new staff. I am very grateful to be part of of this project, but I hardly find my satisfaction in what I do now. There are many reasons which I believe I should not state it here... I don’t like office politics since it will kill people’s chance to develop their inner potential (I am not talking about myself, it’s the scenario I am facing everyday), I am hoping to get the chance to do a hands on task and get a serious and tough job that will brutally force me to do the best.

Mr Tan Min said that I am allow to come back anytime to YTL and they open the door for me whenever I want too. I still have Mr Tan Min’s phone number; it’s not a big problem for me to click ‘call’ on his number and say “ hey Tan Min, please take me again cause I love so much to be in your project” ...but, I don’t want to repeat the same mistake again.. I want to finalise this decision. I have to think in many aspects before I make the crucial decision. A good career and happiness should come along together in order to make ourselves a successful employer. But on the other hand, there are other points and aspects that we have to dwell on. I am married to a doctor and I mean a busy doctor who is dedicated to his patients and hospital. One day we will have children Insya Allah and at that point, I have to balance on between career and children. If I spend way too much time with career, I miss out the time when my children grow.

Hrmm, I think I am thinking too much whiles all upcoming events and things are the things that are managed by God. Better if I let the time lead my future finding and decision. The time will reveal everything soon. Let’s wait and see what it will drag me into. Hopefully, the path will be easy for me. Insya Allah

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Proses penuaan itu sesuatu yang pasti

Bekerja di tempat baru ni memberi mar peluang untuk berjumpa dengan pelbagai jenis manusia daripada pelbagai peringkat usia dan juga pangkat yang berbeza. Alhamdulillah mar dikurniakan peluang macam ni. Mar suka kan cabaran yang baru untuk mar lalui setiap hari. Mar suka sangat jumpa orang sebab setiap manusia memberi mar 1000 pengajaran tentang kehidupan.

Ok lah, berbalik semula kepada apa yang mar nak sampaikan di sini. Apabila mar jumpa orang-orang baru, mar selalu terfikir, " mesti banyak kan pengalaman hidup dia..muka dia nampak berusia".....haaaaaa..inilah yang mar selalu sangat fikir setiap kali mar jumpa orang baru.  Macam mana mata kita boleh bezakan sama ada orang itu berusia/matang atau tidak? Mar sampai sekarang pening kepala..

Mar selalu tenung orang lama-lama sangat terutamanya kawan-kawan yang dah lama mar tak jumpa. .Mar nampak kawan-kawan mar muka sudah matang selari dengan usia sebab muka mereka nampak berbeza daripada kali terakhir yang mar lihat. Bila mar tengok lama-lama, mar masih belum nampak sebarang kedutan di muka, mereka sepatutnya masih sama sampai sekarang.Tapi apa ya yang membuatkan mereka kelihatan berbeza dan lebih matang? Maaf ya kalau semua bosan dengan tajuk dan tulisan mar kali ni. Mar hanya lah perempuan yang berusia 25 tahun. Pada pendapat mar, mar sekarang di peringkat di mana sel-sel tubuh badan mencapai tahap klimaks sebelum melalui proses penuaan yang bakal berlaku pada bila-bila masa sahaja. mar perlu berdepan dengan perubahan ini dengan hati yang tenang dan bersykur dengan setiaap perubahan yang Allah berikan untuk kita sentiasa beringat pada hari kematian. Satu hari nanti Mar juga pasti akan tua, muka berkedut-kedut dan berjalan terbongkok-bongkok. Tapi bila ya ia akan bermula, ataupun ia sudah pun bermula??

Dulu-dulu bila remaja, mar selalu juga belek majalah Hollywood. Mar tengok sebilangan artis veteran membuat pembedahan plastik untuk mengembalikan seri wajah dan keremajaan...kononnya...  Tapi, manusia tidak sehebat dan tidak mungkin menyaingi Pencipta untuk mengembalikan usia wajah. Mereka kelihatan lebih hodoh daripada wanita-wanita yang tua 'gracefully' . Senario ini amat menyedihkan kerana ia seperti sudah menjadi trend di kalangan masyarakat dunia. Walaupun mereka membuat seribu perubahan di muka, tetapi kita masih akan dapat melihat garis-garis dan riak wajah tua di muka mereka... Tapi macam mana ya kita semua dapat tahu?? Mungkin melalui tangan dan garis-garis kedut di leher.

Ok, persoalannya di sini, untuk mereka yang berumur sekitar 20-30 tahun, kami masih belum mempunyai garis-garis kedut, tetapi mengapa kami sudah kelihatan matang berbanding 2 tahun sebelum ini? Di manakah bezanya? Mungkin di bawah mata, garisan di tepi mulut, pipi yang jatuh, hidung yang jatuh ? Ada tak sesiapa di sini yang mempunyai ilmu memberi penjelasan di sini? Mar suka sangat untuk kupas lagi isu ni kerana ia adalah sesuatu yang menarik untuk dipelajari dan difahami.

Mengapa ya mar tiba-tiba tertarik untuk membincangkan isu ini? Semalam abang fuad buka album mar  ketika mar berusia 19 tahun. Mar masih di matrikulasi UIA, PJ. abang fuad belum pernah tengok album tu. Dia amat terkejut dan tersenyum. Abang fuad kata mar nampak muda dan ceria. mar tanya balik mar sekarang nampak tua ke? Abang fuad jawab mar nampak matang dari dulu. Mar minta Abang Fuad berikan  penjelasan lebih lanjut, daripada sudut mana abang fuad boleh nampak perbezaan? Mar jadi lebih teruja untuk tahu!Tapi, Abang Fuad tiada jawapan untuk soalan mar... =( 

Daripada kecil lagi mar suka untuk menantikan saat mar menempuhi alam penuaan, untuk mengalami sendiri kebesaran Allah. Pada pendapat mar, orang dewasa sangat perlu dihormati kerana mereka telah melalui pelbagai peristiwa yang mematangkan mereka. Mar terlepas peluang untuk melihat ayah dan ibu mar melalui proses penuaan, mar terlepas peluang untuk berada setiap minit bersama mereka untuk melalui proses itu. Tapi apa yang pasti, setiap kali mar balik untuk menziarahi mereka, muka mereka pasti akan kelihatan lebih tua daripada sebelum itu. Hati mar sayu sangat...Muka yang satu waktu dahulu kelihatan sangat tegang, badan yang kelihatan sangat tegap, kini semuanya sudah beransur berubah.

Mar harap dengan proses penuaan ini akan mejadikan kita semua semakin matang dan sentiasa mengingati kematian yang semakin menghampiri kita.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happiness from my perspective....

How do you define happiness?

I have had browse through google and found many meaning of it. I am not saying that I against all the definition of happiness in the internet. But it seems they tried so hard to define the meaning of it and make it looks so theoretical.

The pursuit of happiness is one of the basic elements of human existence. We want to be happy. Happiness is a common goal that everyone strives to attain. So why are so many people unhappy then? Now it looks very completed don’t you agree?

If you are in the same boat with me, I always observed that people usually described happiness through a window instead of the things inside their house; it means that they portray happiness through someone’s life and they are still unsatisfied of what they already have. That is where the hatred or adoration comes from. The desire to achieve what others have has become the main priority. It is like the most important thing in the world nowadays to show off what you have so that you are in the same league with everybody.

Do you know why did I brave enough to say this? It is because sometimes it happens to me as well and I am sacred if the idea of ‘new happiness’ to be permanently implanted in my mind. I will force myself to throw it away whenever it comes across my mind. Please God, forbid me to even dare think about it again in future.

Once when I was small, there were few predicaments took place in our family. I am not going to say I was the unluckiest child in this world even though some people who witnessed it might say so. They believed of what they saw; but they did not bond with my emotional and my situation hence I would say they all were wrong. See, this is the example of people looking from a window but not from a real picture. I am proud to say that I am happy with my childhood moment even though there were ups and down. It made me and I believed my 5 other siblings to understand more about family, people, adapt fast with any situation, and cope with stress well. It makes our bond stronger; the wall is thicker every day since we put our trust first on each one of us.

Happiness should not be forged, or imitate from others. You don’t need money, wealth, big network that you have or position to make you happy. An undeniable reality is that permanent happiness cannot be achieved except by believing in God. You have to believe and feel it deep down from your heart, and then you will understand that everything happened for a reason. If you think you want to be rich and success, be it, and strive for it together with tawakkal to Allah. Do it in a good way and never grow hatred in your heart on others achievement.

When I entered university, I thought happiness totally in a wrong way and was trapped once in that life for a period of time and I am not proud of it. I lost way when I forgot Allah. It was only a fake happiness when I realised that true happiness and content lies within Islam itself. Alhamdullillah, I have found my way back...

So friends, please I beg you ...always be thankful to Allah. If you think you are the unluckiest person in this world, think about Palestinian and their intifada, think about our friends on North Pole and South Pole who died due to strong wind, extremely cold weather with heavy snowflakes that smashed away their living places, think about the unfortunate person who lost faith, etc... There are many examples to be stated but unfortunately this page will not be enough for it.

Do not compare yourself with others, or to talk bad about others, or maybe to think that you are better than others because none of it will bring a true happiness for yourself. What you have to do is to live peacefully and positively, respect, love and care others, and always be thankful to Allah..