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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happiness from my perspective....

How do you define happiness?

I have had browse through google and found many meaning of it. I am not saying that I against all the definition of happiness in the internet. But it seems they tried so hard to define the meaning of it and make it looks so theoretical.

The pursuit of happiness is one of the basic elements of human existence. We want to be happy. Happiness is a common goal that everyone strives to attain. So why are so many people unhappy then? Now it looks very completed don’t you agree?

If you are in the same boat with me, I always observed that people usually described happiness through a window instead of the things inside their house; it means that they portray happiness through someone’s life and they are still unsatisfied of what they already have. That is where the hatred or adoration comes from. The desire to achieve what others have has become the main priority. It is like the most important thing in the world nowadays to show off what you have so that you are in the same league with everybody.

Do you know why did I brave enough to say this? It is because sometimes it happens to me as well and I am sacred if the idea of ‘new happiness’ to be permanently implanted in my mind. I will force myself to throw it away whenever it comes across my mind. Please God, forbid me to even dare think about it again in future.

Once when I was small, there were few predicaments took place in our family. I am not going to say I was the unluckiest child in this world even though some people who witnessed it might say so. They believed of what they saw; but they did not bond with my emotional and my situation hence I would say they all were wrong. See, this is the example of people looking from a window but not from a real picture. I am proud to say that I am happy with my childhood moment even though there were ups and down. It made me and I believed my 5 other siblings to understand more about family, people, adapt fast with any situation, and cope with stress well. It makes our bond stronger; the wall is thicker every day since we put our trust first on each one of us.

Happiness should not be forged, or imitate from others. You don’t need money, wealth, big network that you have or position to make you happy. An undeniable reality is that permanent happiness cannot be achieved except by believing in God. You have to believe and feel it deep down from your heart, and then you will understand that everything happened for a reason. If you think you want to be rich and success, be it, and strive for it together with tawakkal to Allah. Do it in a good way and never grow hatred in your heart on others achievement.

When I entered university, I thought happiness totally in a wrong way and was trapped once in that life for a period of time and I am not proud of it. I lost way when I forgot Allah. It was only a fake happiness when I realised that true happiness and content lies within Islam itself. Alhamdullillah, I have found my way back...

So friends, please I beg you ...always be thankful to Allah. If you think you are the unluckiest person in this world, think about Palestinian and their intifada, think about our friends on North Pole and South Pole who died due to strong wind, extremely cold weather with heavy snowflakes that smashed away their living places, think about the unfortunate person who lost faith, etc... There are many examples to be stated but unfortunately this page will not be enough for it.

Do not compare yourself with others, or to talk bad about others, or maybe to think that you are better than others because none of it will bring a true happiness for yourself. What you have to do is to live peacefully and positively, respect, love and care others, and always be thankful to Allah..

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  1. Its true.... that's y i'm happy with my life... thank you Allah...