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Monday, October 25, 2010

My job is fantastic!

The title is purposedly to boost up my mood again; heh .

I was indistinct a few months back. I walked with closed eyes hence I walked slowly to avoid stumbling on a hard rock. There was extraordinary number of terms that I was not familiar with. It's ancient now.

I am not as good as other senior staffs here, but I am quite satisfied to be able to understand the system of work, project concept, technical part, soft skill knowledge etc. I like to venture out new things in my life hence I consider this job as fantastic!

I went to quite number of places and exchanges. I went deep into the chamber room underneath road. I have opportunities to configure Huawei radio (AG Softswitch) during training class. I had configured Ceragon radio previously and I have to say that Huawei's technology is more user friendly and easier to handle by referring to the manual. I went to the MDF room where they put hundred thousand of cables... this is the place for the source of your telephone, Streamyx, ITalk, fax service. Unifi HSBB source terminal is also available at the exchange. It will be delivered right to your home or office by using the optical cable. The speed is impeccable and reliable. You surely crave for a stable connection during browsing, e-banking, social networking, and do online shopping right, who does not?

But sadly, we have a strict rule here; no photo is allowed to be taken in the exchange. I cannot share my experience with my readers here, but one thing that I need to state here, we work really hard to provide you with the best service.

My colleagues? They are the most interesting person that I have ever met. They are dedicated, sincere in doing job, and hardworking. I learned something from them. Money will not completely provide you with a job satisfaction. Money cannot trade your happiness. Never. They are young and they are ambitious. I love to be among these types of people who can spread out the positive attitude. Now, I really can feel the spirit of team work; it's part of my requirement in searching happiness. Just one word of advice, it's pathetic to have to work because we have to earn money, but instead we have to work because we love doing of what we are doing 5 days per week.

I want to be optimistic in life and I love to believe in this idea. Life is too short to choose a wrong career. As of today, I love most of what I am doing now; to serve you better in wired line technology. I never put a specific target in my career; I just want to be sincere and perform my best in what I do because it's the root of happiness.Personally I think everyday is a new day and it successfully challenge me in certain ways.Maybe another 3 to 5 years ahead my mind will knock my heart to change a career path which I love at that certain point of time. Who knows..? I will try to listen to my heart and pray to Allah to bless my decision.

At that moment, my escapade will begin again with a new career... a businesswoman maybe?


  1. blog-hopping lead me to this nice blog of yours. this entry was on the 25th of October last year, quite some period of time ago but i think i'll still leave a comment. ;)

    it's happy to know that some of our ECE batchmates are working in the communication line. somehow, it makes me proud. i myself didn't get the chance to work in the communication stream because of some personal reasons.

    huawei, sounds like a great place to be at. hope your job goes well. im happy you achieved your dreams. and when the right time comes, move back to JB where your soul belongs to and among your family. no matter how far you go, there's still no place like home. TC.

  2. Oh aiman Isa. I was shocked to know there is a man- reader in this blog =)

    I don't work at Huawei, but im currently working at TM, Huawei is our vendor now in doing our biggest project of HSBB and NGN network.

    This entry was few months back, sadly the story and reality are different at this point. The graph is not exponential anymore, but flopping down instead.

    People might change, or maybe I had force myself to love something that I was told to do without realizing that there is something I love to do other than engineering basis field.

    Hrmm,JB.. i hope to be back again soon !

    TQ Aiman Isa =)