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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We will never forget that date

We booked ticket to visit my sister at Penang just to know when we landed safely at Bagan Serai airport Abang Fuad received an enormous number of missed calls from hospital and his colleagues. It’s absolutely tragic and I thought it would change everything henceforth; it's true indeed.

I did loads of things to put his mind aside for a while. His best mate at hospital has been slashed 4 times just when he is ready for work. The scene happened in front of his house; the so called ‘gated community housing area’ at seri kembangan. he immediately collapsed on the road while his hand hanging on the ground while few other fingers separated from its original position. His brain was slashed too  He is in ICU till today and has been hospitalised since that date...

Honestly I had fun spending times with my beloved sister at penang, to accompany her and see her work place, to be exact a factory site under construction. it’s big and to me it’s quite dangerous place for a lady. But, insya allah by God’s will she will just be fine there.

But, something is missing and different since the day of Friday; 26/11/2010. My prince become quieter everyday and he become conscious on the environment and especially on my whereabouts. He kept calling me when I am at work, hugging me when I am home and he doesn’t want to be far apart from me for a single minute. I know this must be a crucial time for both Ramesh and my dear boy Abg fuad. Both of them are much closed and that was the reason I know Ramesh from out teh tarik sessions, or when I visited Abg Fuad at hospital or when I attended their formal function. Ramesh has a big character and it is easy to recognize him even though you just met him for the first time. He put smile at the right place and he gave nice words to cheer you up and to stay positive in every aspect of life. He is my husband’s best friend and I never missed out every single story about both of them whenever my boy came back from work.

My husband is just similar to my character and I believed that was the reason why we were attracted to each other. We don’t have many friends because we are so afraid of losing one. The pain will remain and thorn our heart apart... Abang Fuad visited Ramesh at hospital twice since we were back on Sunday night. I could not follow him and Dr Suren because I don’t have a pass card. It is a privilege card to all doctors to enter any hospital and to its emergency room at any time.

Today, Ramesh has opened his eyes and staring at him with a full question mark by the look of his eyes. He was in a state of confusion. Abang Fuad said he was struggling to say something but none of them did Abang Fuad understand. Abag Fuad’s head of department mentioned that the opportunity for Ramesh to continue practising medical and doing surgery is very small. And that made my prince laid on my shoulder and asked me to hug him until he sleep. This is going to be a nightmare to the whole department, to his family, and especially to my dear husband. Abang Fuad shared room with Ramesh and they even lunch together every day. They studied together to further their master, and they support each other when one needed encouragement. And today, his head of department direct Abang Fuad and their whole team unit to pack Ramesh's belongings into few boxes and they locked the room. Abang Fuad has been moved to another room with his other colleague. Oh...pity .. =(

But believe me, Abang Fuad has changed a lot since 26/11/2010 and we want to appreciate life better today. I don’t know what to say more because I am scared if I said wrong words to describe him.

I am hoping that Dr Ramesh will recover fast and brighten up the world once again since there are so many love here waiting for you to be back. .

the three musketeers: abang fuad, ramesh, and azmi

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  1. he opened his eyes? so soon ? pity nyeee...sure 1000 times painful with all those stitches all round his body -(...whoaaaaaaaaa , feel like crying though hardly know him , lets pray for his fast recovery