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Saturday, February 26, 2011


hari ini semakin tembam,
baju banyak dah tak muat,
tapi malas untuk bershopping

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The award goes to… MAMA!

Akmar is writing an entry on 22nd February 2011.

To be perfectly honest, I am quite emotional on my birthday this year. Previously I used to hope for birthday wish from family and friends and not forgetting the present as well. But this year, I was so freaking scared to even count days..hence when my hubby woke me up last night when he came back from hospital at late night.. I was emotionless cause I was trying trying to focus to eliminate the cramp feeling on my tummy and headache. I am sick and I decided to fight it ! ( While imagining I’m the warrior and princess of war holding a sword on hill)

To me the award should go to my beloved mom. She was the one who won the battle on this date at 10:45 pm. She carried me for 9 months with all pains she struggled with.  I should not forget to mention that I was the biggest pumpkin ever that she fought with all her might on 22nd February 1985. Mama, I dedicated my birthday today to you, to reminisced back our battle on that date. You are my warrior queen. You are my never ending love.. Thank you for everything mama 

P/s: She still thinks I am her little daughter because she gave me pocket money and asked me to buy present of my own.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My love

This phrase is specially dedicated to you. Remember it and  keep it safely in your heart

"You made me travel through the whole of my past life. I saw where I went wrong, I saw where I stopped, I saw the moment when I lost hope " the giving -up-point" , and finally I saw the moment when you found me. Thanks love for being next to me technically and being deep in my heart wholeheartedly."

circa : 6 :09 pm while waiting you patiently back from hospital.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

persefahaman dan toleransi amalan mulia

Buat anak,
Ibu sakit dengan pembawaan ini,
Tapi itulah dia yang dinamakan rahmat..
Untuk mendapat sesuatu bukannya tanpa bayaran,
Malah, tiada apa yang 'free' di dunia ini...

Mar baru sahaja dimasukkan di hospital beberapa hari lalu,
Abang Fuad segera bawa sebab (sebab -sebab yang hanya difahami doktor)..
Semoga kandungan dan ibu akan sentiasa cekal dan tabah untuk meneruskan perjuangan yang akan datang ..

Mar sudah lama terfikir untuk beritahu keadaan mar ni pada boss mar, tapi.... mar terlalu takut untuk beritahu sebelum ni. Mar tak nak orang anggap mar perempuan dan mar tak mampu buat kerja macam lelaki lain. Mar pernah terfikir untuk berhenti kerja sebab produktiviti mar menurun dan orang akan pandang remeh pada diri mar. Tapi asasnya mar masih sayangkan syarikat tempat mar kerja sekarang.

Dulu-dulu mar betul -betul suka tengok perut mana-mana ibu yang mengandung. Mar rasa bahagia tengok pemandangan bonggol besar di perut. Perut mar juga semakin membesar beserta dengan rutin harian yang kadang-kadang menitiskan air mata sebab tak tertahan peritnya. Adakah semua ibu di luar mengalami simptom macam mar? Jika ini kafarah dosa-dosa mar yang lalu, mar perlu redha dan berazam untuk lebihkan semangat juang untuk melawan alahan ini.

Mar baru sahaja e-mail boss mar. Mar perlu juga beritahu walaupun mar malu sangat untuk mengaku. Mar cakap mar tak nak kesihatan mar ni membebankan rakan-rakan kerja lain dan juga mengganggu perjalanan proses 'Migration' di SGB. Naik lif SGB yang goyang-goyang pun boleh termuntah apatah lagi untuk buat kerja lain. Bila mar tekan " klik" ---> mar pejam mata. Ya Allah, aku pasrah dan redha sahaja dengan ketentuan mu . ALhamdulillah.. E. N beri mar respon positif dan amat memahami keadaan mar sekarang. Tugas mar akan digantikan dengan E.A. E. A akan ambil alih tugas dan mar sekarang akan membantu sepanjang perjalanan dan proses jumpering work.

Mar tergamam dan terkedu. Jika mar di tempat kerja lama, mungkin tidak akan ada yang memahami mar dan cuba memahami. Tapi, di sini boss dengan segera memberi kebenaran dan bersikap toleransi dengan keadaan mar sekarang. Mar berjanji pada diri mar, mar akan lebih bersikap baik dengan sesama manusia kerana hidup ini umpama roda " wheel of fortune". Sekali kita menganiaya orang , mungkin giliran seterusnya kita yang dianiaya.

Ya allah.. terima kasih tak terhingga atas keindahan hari ini yang dipinjamkan sementara kepada ku...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

True indeed (akmar is pregnant)


To those who keep asking and guessing  for the past few weeks, Alhamdulillah I am pregnant now. I think the bump could not be hiding anymore. It is getting obvious day by day. From the way I breathing hard –in- and –out- gasping for air just make the scenario seems so relevant for people out there to keep discussing about me.

Please don’t feel overjoyed and make a public statement at facebook. This is just a place for me to share my story to those sincere in knowing me and care of me. The journey is still far long to go. Another 7 months one week of struggling and exciting time to undergo.  

To be truth, my first trimester period (even though there will be another one month to go) doesn’t went pretty well. I am having a series of bad diarrhea and vomiting as well as headache for the past 1 months plus.I almost fainted while driving to office due to a nonstop vomiting in the car, since today I can't smell onions hence there are lots of foods I could not eat ..biscuit crackers have been my main energy supplier for the past 1 month plus...etc. It affected my routine life and I could only take all the prescribed medicines and pray hard to Allah to make my pregnancy period smooth on months ahead.

Abg Fuad and I visited my doctor today and we were speechless with tears and joy when we first saw our baby heart pumping actively inside my womb. As I was struggling from my morning sickness, (sometimes afternoon sickness, evening and even nights..Hence the well-known syndrome could not be applied to everyone) Abang Fuad screamed in excitement to ask me to witness it on the LCD monitor 1.5 meters distant above my head. Subhanallah..

I have started to wake up every now and then at night and I think it was mainly because I did not have a good sleep posture .I have to find the balance .. not to put too much weight on my back.

Shoe.. I was longing to buy a new one. I would love to wear something elegant, comfort and nice on my ‘special’ feet. And there comes the rescue from my Mr Soulman : a big fatty shoe named “Crocs” . Abang Fuad claimed it is the best shoe during pregnancy since there is no heel, spacious for my feet to widen out for another few more months and he said the doctors have had previously been suggested in wearing  Crocs during performing long hour of surgery. Oh Fufu, you just made me laugh when seeing the blue hyppo Crocs bought by you. …

My dad always says this to all his children: “We may plan, but the One above has a greater and better plan for us.” And today, while I am writing this, and when I look intently at the phase of my life now , I would say .. “This is the best time indeed. Thank you Allah.”