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Thursday, March 10, 2011

I don't hate smokers

Warning: Freedom of thoughts is everybody's right. You are free to leave the blog immediately if you disgust the title above.

It's bad for you to begin with - why would anyone want to char their lungs and ruin their lives?

Everyone needs to understand that most of the time smokers wanted to stop, but they just can’t. It is also the same as to drug addict who realize he is living like a trash, but there's not much they can do. 

They need help.

There is a statistic saying that 70% of human populations are smokers. It’s obviously a big majority figure. The cigarette industries are really making big money by destroying and making people vanish from this earth.
I personally disgust (have to use this term as hate is a bit harsh word) the smell of smoke- including smoke from vehicles, fire, and most it from cigarette. It felt like the smell has abruptly stolen my fresh clean air where I breathe in for living.

I always felt pity to a second hand-smoker like me. Don’t we have the right to be respected to have a good healthy life in public? Certain irrational minded smokers are damaging the people around them without any respect for others and their lives. 

Sometimes, when I had my meal at mamak restaurant one scenario always took place and I can’t bear to see it in front of my eyes - a father having meal with family members adding a new born baby is joining together and without respect to the right of the child he simply blow away the smoke right on the baby nose when playing with the child. What has happened to the institution of family nowadays? If the baby could speak this is what he/she will reply “Look, you are killing me? Are you really that uncaring, that, after you brought me to this world, you are willing to kill me by making me breathe your smoke?"

My most polite way of dealing with cigarette smokers in the vicinity is to sidetrack around them, hundreds of feet if I have to, and simply hold my breath. For example, when they're too close I'll cover my mouth and nose and hurry by as quickly as possible. I just cannot stand the smell or getting it in my lungs at all. In my imaginary of not so polite ways in dealing with them -; If it is really necessary I will wear a gas mask when going out to avoid a premature death.

I suppose education about smoking in classes would help children in early stage learn that smoking is not only bad for them, but could harm other people. Government has imposed on printed out the graphic images showing what can happen due to smoking on the cigarette packaging, but seems like not many smokers take it into consideration seriously. Gentle persuasion has failed to get most people to give up, so the government should at least try shock tactics. Any why won’t the government enforce a ban? They get millions in taxes every year from cigarettes and tobacco which they don't want to give up. =)

But honestly, how can we help a smoker quit?  There are many steps you will find if you google through internet. I have few friends who are avid smoker- I called avid even though they are taking one cigarette per day because to me once you cannot reject taking cigarette daily you are officially addicted to it and successfully made yourself be counted to the statistic of 70% smokers in the world. Most of them took up the habit in their early teenage years, and when they decide they no longer want to smoke, they find that the compulsion for nicotine and a desire to put a cigarette in their mouth is very difficult to overcome.

I can only pray and give them my never ending support to help them quit. One day, Insya allah.

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