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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My dix-huit semaine

I don’t find difficulty in waking up early morning to prepare myself to office anymore. Furthermore, the biggest nightmare to drive to office is officially ended few weeks back. But I still prepare myself with few plastics next to the driver seat in case for emergency. But in short, so far.. Alhamdulillah is all what I can say here since God is giving me good health hence I will have more energy to carry the extra weight I am carrying around nowadays. It feels weird because the extra weight I feel is only on the front part of my body and yes I am walking like a toddler. It’s more like a marching army on independence day parade..Left..Right..Left..Right..

The only thing that kept playing on my mind and my conscious is I always feel dizzy with a ‘good’ combination of sleepy mode circa 9:50 am to 12:00 noon. I made my personal chart and it shows around this time I will accidentally fall asleep on my desk. It distracts me somehow because it will affect my performance at office. There are lots of things need to be done and usually I lose the battle. It always makes me sad because at this point of period, it seems like I cannot take control of my body any longer .The hormone is taking its throne to giving order and command to my body system..

Hopefully it will be over soon and I will become energetic again. 

To baby, please don’t feel sad because I don’t and never blame you for my current condition.

I suppose some mothers out there are experiencing the same thing like what I am dealing right now. It is a state of temporary period and the more you accept and deal with it, the more you will appreciate your life better. 

Patience offers you good reward. I believe this.

dix-huit semaine = 18 weeks (in French)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ayah Vs Ibu & Anak

1.       Masa lunch break tadi mar call mama tanya mama ingat tak bila anniversary mama dengan papa? Mama cakap mestilah ingat.. Dalam bulan April . Mama kata papa masa muda muda dulu selalu bagi mama bunga.Sebelum tu mar tengok dalam profile facebook papa, papa tulis dalam bulan Januari. Dalam keluarga mar, memang kami tak sambut hari lahir atau anniversary selepas semua dah besar –besar. Tapi agak kelakar sebab papa dengan yakinnya mengaku dalam bulan Januari. Mama lagi ingat tarikh kawin … :-) Papa..papa

2.       Mar hantar sms dengan papa bagitau papa hantarla bunga pada mama macam zaman muda mudi dulu. Mar cakap dengan papa apa salahnya bila balik kerja belikan mama bunga .
Jawab papa : Kan dekat laman dah terlebih bunga. Hehehe
Mar balas : Kalau macam tu petikkanlah mama bunga di laman dan bagi pada mama.hahahah
Jawab papa :Kalau petik kan cepat layu. Kalau kat pokok kan tahan lama. Ha ha hah
Mar balas : Papa ni tak romantiklah !
Jawab papa : He he he
Mar balas : Adoi papa…
Jawab papa: Dari bawa bunga baik bawa durian. Semalam papa pergi Pontian bawa balik durian best giler. Tanya mama
Mar balas : Aaaaa papa.. Kalau macam tu mar pun tak nak bunga. Mar nak duriannnn!!!!

Mama hari ni tiba tiba sentimental dan manja . Papa pula seperti biasa lelaki yang outspoken, kelakar dan sangatla tak romantik. Tapi pada mar kombinasi mereka berdua sangatla comel. Susah nak ditulis di sini, tapi sebagai anak mar bahagia  tengok mereka berdua. Alhamdulillah.

Mar rasa mar ada kombinasi kedua dua sifat mama dan papa ni. Ada masa mar sangat perlukan perhatian dan minta dimanjakan. Tetapi, kebanyakan masa mar sama sahaja macam papa: Sangat tak romantik dan tak ambil berat sebab mar selalu terlupa tarikh penting baik tarikh lahir mar atau kawan kawan,tarikh anniversary mar dengan abang fuad (sampai  abang fuad ingatkan mar tahun lepas ).  Kalau abang Fuad suruh mar pilih bunga atau durian .. Mesti mar pilih durian !!!  Weeee !

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

That weekend .

Oh, I had something to share here.

I have to put it here so that I will not forget it forever.

Since married to Abang Fuad, I never had a chance to cuddle up with my sisters on bed till morning anymore. The wife’s place is with husband. Wherever he sleeps, it will be the place where I sleep.

To make it short, last two weeks mama and papa made a surprise visit to KL. I was far more overjoyed! To add more my elder sister Ani came along from Penang by bus. I was a bit emotional indeed. Actually, they had a seminar on Saturday, but it’s just everything to me!!  I asked my boss to leave office early. To be honest, I don’t care much of his response. I would go anyhow if he happened not to give the permission. I was over the moon!!

Since, I was sick for the past 2 months, I was not able to go back to visit them. Hence, you could imagine how my adrenaline shoots up when I heard the news. Thank you mama and papa ! muaahhs 

I went back to my home and suddenly I was thinking to pack my belongings. Grrr… I could not stop. One blouse, another one, a tooth brush etc and opppsss.. Yes..I am married to Abang Fuad and I just forgot it! Ya allah… I was shaking while dialing his number. I was thinking if this is right, God will surely be with me and support me. My intention was only to spend an utmost time with my family. Bismillahirrohmanirrohim…Amin..

To another surprise, Abang Fuad replied “Ok, you may go. Be good dear. Send regards to mama and papa. I will visit everyone insya allah at hotel “ Thank you Abang Fuad ! It’s official a weekend getaway with my family .. XOXO

Papa took me at home and gave the sweetest smile a father could give. Mama hugged me tightly. I cried with tears silently. To be specific, I was speechless to have had the opportunity. Papa then booked quite a big room with 2 queen beds to accommodate mama, papa, me and Ani who later arrived on that Friday night.

At night..Ani smiled widely when she saw me waiting her inside the car when she arrived. We then met Abang Fuad at a restaurant and had our dinner together. I’ve had already miss him dearly. That night, at hotel, mama, papa ani and I had a long chat while watching American Idol together. It was a total bliss moment. I slept next beside Ani and watched her sleep like a most calm baby on earth. 

It was strange when I woke up the next day. The first face I saw was Ani. Hihi. We prepared for our breakfast downstairs and I enjoyed single bite of my meal that morning. I vomited about 10 times the whole day but I was still happy. Mama, papa and Ani are around to comfort me. What a beautiful day. 

At night papa and Ani bought Ikan siakap sweet sour , kalian ikan masin and sotong goreng tepung . Yummy! Oh,papa took away the meal as I hardly stand up on that night hence we had our dinner at our room. :-)

On Sunday, ABang Fuad joined us again for breakfast at hotel after his rounds at hospital. I totally had a wonderful weekend with my loved ones. 

Thank you everyone!

Sharing is caring

Alhamdulillah I am getting better day by day and I hope the state of health will be permanent throughout my pregnancy period. Insya allah

I am planning to buy and read a new story book.  I am not into fiction book. Other than that is acceptable for my ‘digestion’.

Do you have any suggestion?


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

While waiting my turn for maternity checkup

Hello there :-)

I was invisible for quite some time here….

The attendant will be calling my name anytime from now.I am alone and Abg Fuad is not around.

 Pregnancy is something new and alien to me. My body reacts actively to this new tenant who has been living inside my womb for the past few months. Sometimes I feel like I am a wonder woman and almost forget that I am carrying a creature. For some other time, I was similar to any broken and used items at a garage sale. I barely move my body and lie down on bed for the whole day. 

Anyhow, work has to be completed. I have to put strong courage and willpower to drive myself to office or to site. I never meant to beg for mercy or sympathy. But, to those who understand my situation, I am glad and thankful to God for giving you a kind heart. In dealing with this first experience, people like you are the best present on earth sent to me.

I am currently on my 16th week of pregnancy. The journey will be over soon insya allah. Right now, I just want to discover new things and enjoy single bit of this precious moment of mine.

Thank you Allah for everything