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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

That weekend .

Oh, I had something to share here.

I have to put it here so that I will not forget it forever.

Since married to Abang Fuad, I never had a chance to cuddle up with my sisters on bed till morning anymore. The wife’s place is with husband. Wherever he sleeps, it will be the place where I sleep.

To make it short, last two weeks mama and papa made a surprise visit to KL. I was far more overjoyed! To add more my elder sister Ani came along from Penang by bus. I was a bit emotional indeed. Actually, they had a seminar on Saturday, but it’s just everything to me!!  I asked my boss to leave office early. To be honest, I don’t care much of his response. I would go anyhow if he happened not to give the permission. I was over the moon!!

Since, I was sick for the past 2 months, I was not able to go back to visit them. Hence, you could imagine how my adrenaline shoots up when I heard the news. Thank you mama and papa ! muaahhs 

I went back to my home and suddenly I was thinking to pack my belongings. Grrr… I could not stop. One blouse, another one, a tooth brush etc and opppsss.. Yes..I am married to Abang Fuad and I just forgot it! Ya allah… I was shaking while dialing his number. I was thinking if this is right, God will surely be with me and support me. My intention was only to spend an utmost time with my family. Bismillahirrohmanirrohim…Amin..

To another surprise, Abang Fuad replied “Ok, you may go. Be good dear. Send regards to mama and papa. I will visit everyone insya allah at hotel “ Thank you Abang Fuad ! It’s official a weekend getaway with my family .. XOXO

Papa took me at home and gave the sweetest smile a father could give. Mama hugged me tightly. I cried with tears silently. To be specific, I was speechless to have had the opportunity. Papa then booked quite a big room with 2 queen beds to accommodate mama, papa, me and Ani who later arrived on that Friday night.

At night..Ani smiled widely when she saw me waiting her inside the car when she arrived. We then met Abang Fuad at a restaurant and had our dinner together. I’ve had already miss him dearly. That night, at hotel, mama, papa ani and I had a long chat while watching American Idol together. It was a total bliss moment. I slept next beside Ani and watched her sleep like a most calm baby on earth. 

It was strange when I woke up the next day. The first face I saw was Ani. Hihi. We prepared for our breakfast downstairs and I enjoyed single bite of my meal that morning. I vomited about 10 times the whole day but I was still happy. Mama, papa and Ani are around to comfort me. What a beautiful day. 

At night papa and Ani bought Ikan siakap sweet sour , kalian ikan masin and sotong goreng tepung . Yummy! Oh,papa took away the meal as I hardly stand up on that night hence we had our dinner at our room. :-)

On Sunday, ABang Fuad joined us again for breakfast at hotel after his rounds at hospital. I totally had a wonderful weekend with my loved ones. 

Thank you everyone!

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  1. seronok baca..what a great & happy family... ;)