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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

selamat kembali

salam petang semua .
mar ada berita baru nak share dengan semua.

setelah berbulan-bulan berhibernasi, akhirnya house of lady sephia telah kembali bersama-sama beberapa keluaran blouse terbaru, skirt, dan juga beg.

kepada semua yang selalu support mar, mar ucapkan jutaan terima kasih.
kepada anda yang ada masa terluang, bolehla jenguk-jenguk website "house of lady sephia". Pilihlah mana-mana item yang berkenan dan boleh order dengan kami. :-)
oh ya, kalau anda suka dengan website kami, bolehla tolong mar war-war kan website ni kepada sahabat handai, keluarga, sanak saudara atau sesiapa sahaja.

sekarang terdapat promosi jualan penghabisan stok. kalau ada ternampak tanda "blue ribbon" pada gambar, itu bermakna item dalam promosi jualan penghabisan stok. Harga runtuh :-)

Friday, June 10, 2011


Orang selalunya mengidam makanan kan masa mengandung...

Mar mengidam permainan minggu lepas. 

Mar teringin sangat nak main Saidina.

Pernah dengar tak permainan ni? Permainan ni macam jual beli hartanah, pajak gadai dan seangkatan dengannya.

Jadi, abang Fuad bawalah isteri dia ni ke Jusco, dan beli Saidina. Masa beratur nak bayar kitorang berbual-bual  dengan yakin macam nak hadiahkan permainan ni pada orang lain. :-)

Balik rumah, tak dapat tahan tengok Saidina,jadi mar terus buka plastik dan merengek minta abang Fuad main Saidina dengan mar. Sabar je lah…. (Duit Saidina sekarang lebih berkualiti daripada edisi masa mar kanak-kanak dulu)

Kami main Saidina sebanyak 10 rounds. 

Abang Fuad yakin sangat dapat menang. Tapi mar tak pernah bagitau abang Fuad mar dari kecil pemegang takhta juara Saidina. Hehehe (Ketawa jahat)

Bila abang Fuad kata 10 round, mar pasang strategi mar sendiri yang tak boleh nak diberitahu di sini disebabkan mar takut rahsia mar pecah kalau abang Fuad  terbaca ! Abang Fuad pasrah dengan kekalahan dia haritu...

Allah je lah yang tahu macam mana terujanya mar dapat main Saidina ni. Tapi lagi seronok kalau ada yang lain nak datang main bersama kan?? 

Haida insya allah datang ke rumah hujung minggu ni. Patutkah dia melayan ragam kakak dia yang besar dan tua ni untuk main Saidina bersama-sama ? Mar agak takut juga sebenarnya nak main dengan Haida sebab otak dia agak bergeliga dalam bab duit.. Hrmmm…Saingan yang agak mencabar…

Kita tunggu dan lihat sahaja nanti jika masa mengizinkan. Insya allah..

P/s : Saidina ni bagus untuk dimainkan oleh anak-anak anda kerana mereka akan belajar matematik secara santai dan bagaimana untuk menguruskan duit dan harta benda mereka secara berhati-hati. Selain itu, Saidina juga boleh melatih anak anda bagaimana untuk membuat keputusan yang terbaik dalam menyelesaikan setiap masalah. Minda mereka akan berpusing dan berfikir secara kritikal. Jika anak anda agak lemah dalam matematik, biarkan dia menjadi “banker” yang mengawal wang untuk melatih mereka kira secara laju dan tepat. Berikan galakan kepada anak anda untuk bermain dengan berhemah dan amanah. Semaikan sifat positif dalam diri anak anda dengan bermain Saidina  :-)

Selamat mencuba !

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The burden of writing

When I read thoroughly of my entries, the number gave me a sudden shock. At first, I was scared to death to have a blog, to have a personal place of myself in this imaginary place called .com. But now, here I am. Still continuing writing and my entries have reached the number 139.

I love beautiful clothes, beautiful scenery, scrumptious foods, beautiful photos, and the list might be longer to be placed here. But, on top of that, I appreciate most a beautiful mind.

With the chaotic disasters happen everywhere, economy slump in most countries, the price of basic necessities and groceries never failed to burden us when it goes higher per year, hanky – panky are going on in our politics, our salary is below than other developing countries out there etc, these reasons are more than enough for people to lose their sanity and becomes irrational in their behavior. 

This is a crucial time for all of us. We have to keep strong faith to God, and believe He will grant us with good reward if we don’t do mischievous things in this world. Maybe what we hope and pray for will not be granted now, but sooner or later in the hereafter God will give what we asked from Him. He knows best.

I have been blog hopping to few blogs recently and I found many amazing blogs. Some are talking about clothes, make-up, personal interest, family, foods, but what really caught my interest was blog from few bloggers. I love a simple and humble blog, when people are discussing nothing but the truth of reality in life to inspire me, words of empowerment for my self-motivation, or stories that are mirror image to my real life which I can connect to and enjoy reading them.

Writing sometimes can be difficult; you carry the weight of responsibilities to the society. Sometimes through reading, I gained my spiritual self-empowerment, I received a lot of good information, I shared the happiness with the writer and it made up my day etc. Hence, at times I feel obliged to write a good writing because I know somehow few people are reading my life journey, secretly or publicly.

Let me be humble and honest with you, I am far from a perfect human being. I am still on my journey of soul searching and trying to be a better person every day. I assume I will keep on writing because I feel blissful and peaceful whenever I let myself out in this freedom place called .com. The only thing that comes to my consciousness is, please do not interpret and judge me whatever I put here and don’t idolize me as a perfect person. My journey is still far away and if through the journey I stumbled upon rocks, kindly remind and advice me.

Take only the good and leave anything bad comes from me. 

Have a good day everyone.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My new book !

In my previous entry, I have mentioned that I was searching for a good quality book. Hence, the searching has ended recently when I discussed it with Abg Fuad. At first I was thinking to buy a novel either by Tony Parson , Melissa Hill or Paulo Coelho but then Abg Fuad suggested to buy a book about pregnancy or baby care instead. 

I am not really sure why those kinds of books never appeared on my mind before. It certainly is a good suggestion though. We went to the nearest MPH bookstore and I sat for and half an hour at Family and Parenting division. I slide through certain books that caught my attention. I was looking for an encyclopedia type of book that gives comprehensive details together with colorful graphics on pregnancy or baby care. There it was on top of the shelf “The practical encyclopedia of Pregnancy & Baby Care”! The book is big, thick, fully with colored graphics and provided with special tips. The most shocking part was the price; it is unbelievably cheap! At first glance I was pretty sure it would be around few hundred or at least will cost me nearly two hundreds based on the paper quality; neither was right. The price is only RM29.90.Without hesitant; I grabbed the last copy of the book wrapped beautifully with plastic cover. I am satisfied with my book hunting process!

At home, I excitedly read every pages of the book. I am still at Part 1; Pregnancy.  I am currently following the exercise suggested by the book. There are few positions like Taylor sitting and squatting exercise that I like most. Usually I will do it with Abg Fuad hence both of us will get the benefit to keep our body fit. It’s funny though to see Abg Fuad pushing himself to participate with me just to let me focus and consistent with my exercise.

 During pregnancy, back pain will always bring discomfort to you. What you need to do is to have plenty of rest and a good massage occasionally. I have my own massage therapist, a qualified one and highly recommended; Mr Fuad.  The process of pregnancy is not meant to be an individual task alone, but instead it needs cooperation from the other party which is the husband. Alhamdulillah, my pain is slowly reduced when Abg Fuad offered help to massage my back.

I  still have little phobia whenever I heard about labor and birth process. It’s quite terrifying and it needs maximum limit of physical and mental strength from a mother. I never had any experience on this hence I could not imagine how exactly it would be. But, I like the quote from an article I read previously. It says that “labor pain is a good pain”. Yes, contraction during labor is undoubtedly pain to the mother. It happens when your uterus muscles work extra hard to push a newborn baby that inhabit your womb for 9 months. The process will take place just few times in your entire life whenever you gave birth to a child. We are women who deliver lives of human being. Try to think about it and you will appreciate more of yourself by knowing what we can do to bring colors and happiness to this world. 

Aha, the book gave tips that I have to keep active for as long as I can during the first stage of labor. What does it mean? Do I have to keep walking in my room while having contraction so that it will reduce the pain? I better ask Abg Fuad on this. I am hoping and praying that Allah will give me unconditional love and strength to face the biggest challenge that I will experience soon. May Allah let me be calm and positive, remain my sanity by not shouting and yelling to the nurses, doctors and my husband and the most  important thing is to keep us alive and safe after the labour. Please pray for me too dear readers.

Oh God, this is a long entry indeed. I better stop now. So long !

Thursday, June 2, 2011

kesihatan + mama

Minggu lepas mar balik JB.

Balik JB rasa penat sangat. Sekarang mar dengan abang fuad ada projek bersama.Setiap minggu kami selalunya tiada di rumah untuk uruskan hal tersebut. Memang agak penat sebenarnya memandangkan mar pun tengah berbadan dua sekarang. 

Jadi bila balik JB pun kami masih berjalan ke sana ke sini, mar terasa sakit satu badan. Bila balik semula ke KL, mar terasa sejuk semacam badan ni. Mar mula muntah-muntah semula, selera makan kurang…sehari kemudian kaki mar bengkak sangat macam belon. Bengkak bermula dari tapak kaki hingga ke bawah lutut. Agak menakutkan sebab pada hari pertama kaki bengkak, mar terjatuh bila cuba berdiri, mar tak dapat solat dengan sempurna, bila baring terasa pedih sampai ke tulang pinggang.

 Ya Allah, mar rasa banyak sangat-sangat yang mar belajar dan hadapi sepanjang tempoh mengandung ni. Semua ni membuat mar banyak berfikir.. Apalah gunanya duit yang bertimbun banyak,pangkat yang tinggi melangit, keluarga penuh sekapal jika kesihatan menggangu perjalanan kehidupan. Kesihatan adalah aset manusia untuk  meneruskan kehidupan. Pada mar setiap hari adalah perjalanan yang mencabar. Cabaran kehidupan ni perlu berjalan seiring dengan kesihatan yang mantap. Bila kita sakit, kita tidak dapat beribadah dengan sempurna, menjalankan rutin  harian dan bekerja dengan efisen.

Pada mar kesihatan adalah anugerah yang tidak terhingga. Sebab tu mar sekarang jadi lebih berhati-hati dengan gaya pemakanan mar. Lebih-lebih lagi sekarang mar mengandung, jadi mar perlu lebih berhati-hati dengan makanan yang masuk ke badan mar.Tahu tak bahawa melalui gaya pemakanan kita sekarang akan menentukan taraf kehidupan kita yang mendatang? 

Hrmm, teringat lagi dulu waktu kecil, bila sakit mar tak pernah risau sebab mar tahu akan ada orang yang risau dan ambil berat akan kesihatan mar; Mama. Mama akan jaga kami bagai menatang minyak yang penuh, penuh dengan kasih saying. Walaupun mar sakit teruk sangat, tapi dalam hati mar sentiasa tenang. Kini bila dewasa, semua perlu ditempuhi sendiri dan untuk persediaan menjadi ibu, mar rasa mar perlu jadi setabah dan sekuat mama supaya anak-anak pun akan sentiasa berasa selamat dengan mar. Insya allah..

Mama selama seminggu tidak dapat dihubungi kerana sedang bercuti dengan papa dan Ani. Pagi ni dalam perjalanan ke ofis mar rasa sedikit kekosongan dalam diri. Selalunya setiap pagi bila sampai sahaja di tempat parking ofis, mar pasti akan telefon mama dan berbual bertanya khabar. Tapi selama dua hari tanpa suara mama, mar rasa pelik. Begitu kuat kuasa seorang ibu  terhadap anaknya kan? Mama sebahagian daripada diri mar, agak susah mar bayangkan sekarang kehidupan mar pada masa akan datang tanpa mama. Setiap pertemuan pasti bertemu perpisahan, setiap kehidupan pasti diakhiri dengan kematian, itu suatu yang pasti.

Mar berharap agar Allah mengurniakan mama kesihatan yang terbaik dalam kehidupannya dan juga dipanjangkan usianya agar dapat lebih banyak beribadah kepada yang Esa. Mama pelita hatiku. Ya Allah, biarkanlah mama terus menyinari setiap detik kehidupanku ini.

P/s : Mar teringin sangat duduk atas kerusi besar yang empuk di beranda, duduk menghadap laut dan udara yang berangin sambil membaca buku dan air jus epal berada di atas meja di sebelah kiri mar.