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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Hari Raya everyone!

Ramadhan Kareem everyone :)

I almost forgot that I have a blog to maintain. hihi

I have had abandoned this page for quite some times indeed. Pheww..

Festive season of Hari Raya is just around the corner and to be honest, I have not prepare anything for myself even for a single cloth. :)  But I did buy a new shoe purposely for my getting-bigger-feet. I opted for Camel brand since I love the material they use for the product but sadly the biggest size they have which is 9 is still small for me! I scrolled over to the nearest Hush Puppies store and used my privilege membership card and purchased a new pair of shoe there. Size 9 was just perfect for me!

How is your journey plan for Hari Raya this year? Do share it with me! I am happy to hear all of them :) As for me, there will be no balik kampung mood this year.

I am not allowed to do so at least for this year. I have had a complication on my pregnancy last week. It was really a chaotic week for the rest of the family. I was diagnosed with oligohydramnios which referred to my reduction of amniotic fluid. The alarm level is quite critical since for two weeks in a row the number shows below border line and it kept decreasing. I was instructed not to continue fasting and doctors will decide whether to cut me open or not based on result shown on the next appointment on 22-August-2011.

The day when I was told my amniotic level is only 6.6, I was injected with 2 dose of 12 mg dexamethasone twice at 12 noon and 12 midnight. It was a shocking pain when doctor and nurse gave me the shot twice. It is a steroid where it functioned to stimulate, mature and prepare baby’s lung for premature birth.  Doctors claimed it’s impossible for amniotic fluid to reach back to its normal level and they are positive to cut me yesterday. But deep inside my heart, I believe God will help me and my baby. He shall help us; I affirmed myself. When I visited hospital yesterday for Doppler scan, the result was on my side.Alhamdulillah..Eventhough I still have not reached 15, but when the number shows 9..I was far more than happy or maybe the correct word is speechless. Thank you Allah..I was in deep tears..

Hence, so far today I am getting better and stronger except I vomited few times since everyone keep asking me to eat and drink a lot up to certain level the baby said  “ Enough mommy. You have been eaten a lot. We don’t need too much food inside here. Off you go foods! “ |-----------------------------|

There is a barakah for everything that happens right? I still want to believe this. As I am not allowed to travel back to JB this year, my parents will celebrate Hari Raya with me and Abang Fuad insya allah at our new home. Actually it was a delayed project. The contractors who are doing the renovation are too lousy and they have exceeded the date line far along time ago. Alhamdulillah, suddenly everything is on pace again and hopefully we can move in this coming Saturday..Insya allah. I hope everything will be in smooth sail this time..

To my silent readers and my good friends who always support me throughout my hard time and my good times, thank you so much for always being there for me. I hope all of you will have a bless Ramadhan and lets celebrate this festive season with a high gratitude to the Most Benevolent, The Creator of humankind and this universe; Allahu Akbar.

P/s : Im on my journey to 35 weeks of gestation. Doctor said I should standby for labor anytime from now on due to my condition. Please pray for both of us . Oh, not forgetting, for those who travel for balik kampung, drive safely and remember your loved ones !

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dalam senyum ada duka , itulah wanita

Alhamdulillah, perjalanan mar bersama si kecil di dalam perut banyak pancaroba. Mar rasa tak perlu lah mar cerita semua perkara di sini sebab dunia ini semakin indah bila sesetengah perkara menjadi rahsia..

Wanita pada mar amat tabah. Masa mar kecil, mar tak sabar nak jadi wanita dewasa sebab mar selalu nampak dalam mata wanita yang bermotivasi dan tabah, ada rahsia yang tak bisa digali . Wanita memendam seribu perasaan, seribu cerita dan bingkas bangun untuk meneruskan perjalanan kehidupan. Itulah wanita.

Selama proses mengandung ni, banyak sangat dugaan yang ditempuhi .Daripada satu berita yang doktor khabarkan kepada satu berita , membuatkan kita manusia hanya mampu berserah sepenuhnya kepada kekuasaan  Allah. Apa-apa jua mungkin terjadi dan Allah jualah sebaik-baik Pencipta dan Memakbulkan doa hambaNya. Segala kemungkinan bisa terjadi dan teori manusia itu hanya akan terjadi bila diizinkan Allah. Kita sebagai hamba harus tidak putus harapan, berdoa dan bertawakal  setiap masa.

Mar sungguh-sungguh berharap agar apa yang dikhabarkan doktor harini, hanyalah teori manusia semata-mata. Masih berbaki masa dua minggu untuk mar sujud menghadap Allah dan berserah sepenuh jiwa kepada Allah untuk memakbulkan doa mar yang satu ini. Insya Allah segalanya dipermudahkan Allah untuk mar menempuh perjalanan yang semakin menuju kepada titik kemuncak tidak lama lagi ini.

Hadiah yang paling bermakna buat mar pada hari ini adalah beberapa kerlipan indah daripada sepasang mata di dalam rahim ini. Mata itu seperti merenung tajam pada ibunya minta dilahirkan dan dididik menjadi muslimin sejati. 

Sudah cukup hadiah itu menjadi penawar duka seorang ibu bergelar wanita ..