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Friday, October 28, 2011

JOB : Being a mother

Being a mother requires you to do multi task work at a time. It’s not a good thing to do, but when you are alone and there is no helper, it’s the best thing that you can afford to do.  Work efficiency and work smart are the key points. Example ; Breasfeeding Fariss while my one hand giving support to his body and the other feeding my own tummy is a normal scenario when Abang Fuad is not around. Hrmm..I never had this imagination that I will have the energy being a wonder woman.

To be exactly honest, giving birth to a baby is not as tough as raising a child. I was surprised to realize on how much time and energy I have to consume with baby Fariss. This is truly a new experience to me and it has changed me completely to a new person.

It’s funny to know the fact that Fariss ‘s soft stool was produced from my breast milk and they are everywhere on my cloth when Fariss occasionally  exploded his digestion product when I was changing his diaper or bathing him. It is the simple thing in life that made my day. 

Fariss, your diapers and the content in it are my new play toys, and your soft stool is my new play -doh: hooray!! Nnggeee

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dear papa

Dear papa,    
I know you always have in your mind I’m a good girl. Whatever you said, I always agreed without a fight.

 But this time, I want to have my own decision in life. Plus, I am too exhausted for the past few days and it was not the right time to call me just now.  Hence, today we had a first argument. I know you were hurt coz you just put down the phone without salam. 

Just to let you know if you read this,  I was hurt too for few reasons..and still am. Both of us lost our temper because both people were holding tight to what they believe.

Mind you, I'm not proud of it.

I never wish to ruin my Tuesday this way.

I am sorry again papa

Friday, October 14, 2011

coretan ketika berpantang

Tidur mar makin kurang..tapi tidak mengantuk..mula-mula masa lahir sahaja Fariss,mar agak risau jika tidur mar terganggu. Pada awal kelahiran Fariss, mar masih dalam proses peralihan untuk menukar segala rutin harian mar. Tapi, suara yang kadangkala sayu, kadangkala penuh semangat dan kadangkala seperti ingin berkata-kata itu memberi kekuatan pada mar untuk bersengkang mata saban malam melayan kerenah anak. 

Satu masa dulu, mar juga pernah sekecil ini, dan mama melayan mar tanpa merungut. Kini tiba lah pula giliran mar untuk melakukan perkara yang sama kepada insan kecil ini. Inilah dia fitrah manusia yang bergelar ibu. Perlukan keikhlasan dan keridhaan dalam setiap tindakan. Mar tidak sempurna,banyak kekhilafan dalam cara-cara menjaga anak.Tapi Alhamdulillah, keluarga sekeliling tidak jemu-jemu mengajar mar setiap hari untuk lebih mahir dan cekap dalam menguruskan bayi. Abang Fuad yang tidak dapat pulang ke JB selama mar berpantang di sini juga kerap kali mengingatkan mar untuk sentiasa ikhlas dan tabah dalam menjaga anak. Fariss insya allah bakal menjadi abang jika dikurniakan rezeki oleh Allah. Jadi, kitaran dan proses kehidupan yang sibuk seperti ini bakal berulang lagi nanti. Mar perlu tabah!

Setiap hari Fariss membesar dan setiap hari juga mar dikejutkan dengan perkembangan tumbesarannya. Melihat kepada nenek dan atuknya yang sentiasa ceria bila mendakap dan bermain dengan Fariss, membuatkan mar beranggapan mungkin inilah gambarannya bila mar lahir ke dunia satu masa dulu. Insan kecil yang lemah, tetapi membawa seribu kebahagiaan kepada orang-orang yang menantikan kehadiranya. Rumah di JB penuh  dengan hilai tawa kegembiraan. Bagaimanalah nanti ya suasana di rumah ini  bila mar dan Fariss kembali semula ke KL..Kesian atuk dan nenek… 

Ermm, tapi ada satu perkara yang mar takjub sangat. Selama 9 bulan membawa Fariss, sehinggalah kepada saat kelahirannya, mar tak adalah rasa membawa beban yang berat sangat walaupun secara realitinya mar juga membawa air ketuban dan uri yang besar di dalam. Tetapi, bila menyusukan si kecil Fariss, tangan yang diselaputi tulang dan otot-otot  dan selalu dikatakan “ tangan yang mampu menggoncangkan dunia” ini tidak mampu untuk bertahan lama menyokong berat si bayi. Ini maknanya sistem rahim ibu itu lebih kuat dan kukuh untuk membawa bayi kemana sahaja ibu berada. Subhanallah 

Ok. Masa untuk mandi! Mama dan papa sangat marah kalau mar langgar pantang dan mandi lewat. Seram..Tak nak kena marah lagi :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

ummi and diddy's little sweetheart

Alhamdulillah..I have had already given birth to a small and tiny baby boy named Fariss Ayman weigh 2.73kg on September 21 2011 at sharp on 7 : 30 pm.

It all started with a usual day to both us, going for my weekly antenatal check-up at Hospital Ampang. We had our delicious breakfast of pancake with syrup which I made myself; oh..how I miss the taste so much right now.. We had a great chat on that morning on our dining table and how proud both of us for the achievement of searching pancake flour on the previous day. Besides that, Abang Fuad accidentally took a video of me wishing myself for my ‘upcoming’ labor during our subuh prayer.. It was a beautiful morning indeed.

We carpool together to Hospital Ampang since I had a terrible back pain. I arrived early even though my appointment was only at 10:00 am in the morning. I waited patiently at waiting area for my number to be called by nurse..

At 9:30 am I walked to a room where urine sample to be collected and your weight and BP to be measured. As far as I remembered I was really sad to see the weigh machine when they measured my weight. I have had no idea that it would be my last day in giving my urine sample obediently for check-up. Pheww..

As the nurse called upon my name, I walked lazily to the Doppler scan room and praying and hoping that my amniotic fluid will rise up again this time. When doctor scan my tummy.. Suddenly I saw through the frown line of her forehead and predict that it must be something important. It must be ! She had the advantage of knowing the “special language code”, thus she explained all the medical term language with my hubby. I was in silence..praying hard to God. 

I was asked to proceed to see  a junior specialist of O & G. He discussed furthermore with my husband. I learned to listen carefully and heard that my amniotic fluid is almost empty; the index taken was only at 4. It was really dangerous and the alarm level is very high for both mummy and baby. The Dr asked me to wait since he wanted to discuss it further with the Head of Department of O & G.

The doctor called my name gently instead of my number. Abg Fuad held my hand tight and we walked together to the rom….. That’s  it. I knew it! This is the time that we have been waiting for.

To be honest..I was really scared on that day because I don’t prepare myself yet for all those procedure and experience. Actually, what’s on my head is only to take leave for few days at home and prepare myself by reading all the antenatal books which I bought few months back!

We rushed and dialed my parents and abg fuad’s parents’ phone and delivered the latest news. Meanwhile, I asked Abg Fuad to spend time with me at hospital lobby to accompany me to eat ice-cream and chocolate bar to lose out my nerve. I was admitted at 2pm.

On the first day at hospital, I made loads of friends at ward 4D. They are kind and cheerful. Those 3 ladies are waiting for their caesarian operation due to their complication during pregnancy. We had a great chat on that night and they ceased away my nerve. I had a deep sleep on that day without knowing what will happen on the next day.

Right at 8 am, a nurse stroll me over to a room, and I had my first induction right down there. Oh God..it was a real pain !! I am not going to elaborate it further because the experience is too precious. At 1 pm I had my second induction, but before the doctor ready to do it, I asked him how I can help him to make his job easy since in the morning both of us struggle way too much to put the medicine in it. He asked me to relax and stay as calm as I can. Phew..Less struggling this time..but still in pain.. A pain that is predictable since I have already had it in the morning.

The contraction actually has started since 12 noon but there is no sign of Os opening yet till 1 pm..thus I had my second induction. At 3 pm, I had a real contraction but this time it is still bearable and mild.. I was hoping that my Os opening has already started so that I can deliver on that night. I pushed myself and I walked from the main door of ward 4D to the back door of ward 4D. I was positive I will deliver this baby on that night. I don’t sleep because the pain was getting stronger and stronger..at 4 am, I called the nurse because I thought I was bleeding with blood. The blood was actually a show and it’s normal when a mother is ready for labor..but sadly when the doctor came to check me again at 8 am, my Os opening was still at 2 cm. I had my third induction and the doctor tried to open up my cervix. This is even worse than my first and second induction..I cried in my heart.

At noon, my parents and parents in law came by to give me moral support. I really need it on that day. A nurse came by and said I have to be prepared. I will be monitor from now on at labor room by specialists since I have had more than 24 hours of contraction..If my Os opening is still 2 cm by evening, I will have my caesarian operation by hook or by crook. Abang Fuad submissively held my hand and I squeezed hard every time my contraction comes. The ctg machine shows every time I had my contraction, baby’s heart beat drop too low and it’s dangerous for him. I was already at my weakest point but still struggling for my contraction. The doctor suggested I take epidural and I agreed…I had my fourth induction through liquid drip on my drip line .

At 5 pm, Alhamdulillah suddenly my Os opening is already at 4 cm..doctors predicted I will deliver at 12 midnight.

At 7 :10 pm, I accidentally passed my urine and I had an urge for passing motion. “This is not normal” I said to myself. I whispered to abg fuad and saying I am going to deliver right now. At first Abang Fuad still in disbelieve , but when I affirmed him, Abang Fuad ran and called nurses and doctors. Everyone is ready in the room at 7:24 pm.. and Alhamdulillah with 2 push an infant came out of me at 7 : 30 pm . ::: A big note to myself ::: Total time of contraction is 36 hours.

I want to express my gratitude to all Hospital Ampang's staffs for being tolerance, and kind to me. The specialists who listened to my desired and being unwearied when I said I still opt for normal delivery even though the risk was quite high for both of us. Thank you very much for your hospitality!

His first voice was the sweetest voice I have ever heard in my life.  I cried in joy and whisper to abang Fuad, “ I have no regret from all these experience and this shall not be the last experience to both of us”

Fariss Ayman..Everyone welcome you to this world.! Be a good muslim.

Subhanallah..Allahu Akbar !