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Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

mix and match

Assalamualaikum wbt semua.

Seperti yang dijanjikan, mar perlu keluarkan at least satu idea untuk berpakaian.

HOLS baru sahaja keluarkan new item baru baru ini. SKirt kembang jenis thick stretchable lycra dan juga baju baggy yang besar.

Sesuai dipakai oleh semua jenis size . Yang best sebab kedua dua item longgar.

Ada 5 warna skirt dan 4 warna t-shirt.
Boleh click sini :  Mix and MATCH

 Baju ni longgar, jadi bila pakai dengan skirt yang berat dan longgar di bawah..nampak relax dan santai

Disebabkan skirt ni berat dan kembang, mar suka pakai kasut jenis bulat kat depan dan juga tidak berapa tinggi untuk nampak sederhana.
Beg mar gayakan dengan koleksi beg di HOLS sahaja. :)

Ok. Perasan tak. Tadi mar gayakan dengan skirt warna mustard?
 Yang ni mar gayakan dengan skirt cream pastel.
Mar pakai dengan pashmina yang langsung tak ada kena mengena warna dengan t shirt an skirt dan secara tidak langsung menaikkan mood baju dan skirt yang plain.

Cubalah gaya anda juga hari ini :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Without a title

I have had a weird kind of relationship with book, shoe and cloth. Yes, cloth. It’s a new thing for me to mention it here in my blog. Whenever I spend times at women’s section at shopping malls, I would take a sharp glance at new trends, new material they are using nowadays and yes… I would touch them for personal satisfaction. Abang Fuad knows this habit best. He will allow me to spend few minutes to stop, stare and touch them. It’s not necessary for me to buy them though. I am a bit picky on my wardrobe’s selection. To me, what we wear speaks out our personality. I am simple; hence I like to wear something that personifies me. I don’t like to follow trends because not all trends suit me best. I wear things that I feel comfortable in wearing it.

I have made major changes on my wardrobe collections few years back. Following syariat is on my top priority. But, I still love to show off some style in wearing my clothes. Decent style is what I am aiming for now. I have been thinking to start sketching some designs for my clothing line, yet I am not talented to do any sketching; the design just kept playing in my mind.  See this link to see my drawing and I spent few weeks just to complete it !  Habis Cantik Dah ni :) Ouuchh! Solution..solution…I better find solution for this.. 

I think for year 2012, I will be writing more often on style and fashion. You maybe will see more photos of me wearing my clothes here, in this blog. I want to show you that wearing loose and baggy clothes are cool. It’s a new definition of freedom. Freedom because you don’t have to follow the trends set by certain countries and people but solely to your religion. I am not a perfect person and still trying to become a better muslim, but it will not do any harm in sharing my passion and love right? 

See you again in my next post Insya Allah. Take care now, toodle-oo!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a TWENTY SEVEN year OLD lady

Ehem ehem..drum roll…dddrrrrrrr….HAPPY  BIRTHDAY TO MYSELF!

I have learned that the best gift on your birthday is to wish and reward yourselves something. It was you who walked this road; it was you who faced all the obstacles and challenges in life, hence who sit at the best position to wish you but yourselves? 

Phew..The journey is long enough for me to understand well about love, human characters, foods, tricks and games in life, good vs bad, and the list should continue a little bit more.. When I was young, I was always amazed with the adult’s life; the adventure, the adrenaline and their spirit. 

Now I am beginning to enter this phase of life where the number of 30 is not too far from my sight. I should thank GOD, the merciful Allah who gave me opportunity on 2011 to become a mother of a lovely son. Sometimes, when I was staring at him, seeing him growing, I was in a state of disbelief.. I am a Mother now.
Life is a train, not a train station, hence 27 is just a number to me. There are so many things in life that I want to explore and experience. All the hardships brought benefits in my life. Whenever they touched me, I sit, think about it, if it requires tears then I will let it fall down to chill up my mood again, then strategies, plans and actions will take place to let me become a better human yet again.

 Living as Nur Akmar is quite tough since I am a true observant; small things and reactions I can detect even though everyone does not notice it. I keep some part of my emotional feeling inside and it’s hard for me to let it out. I am scared if people out there to see my anger because at that time you will not recognize me anymore. Hence, I tamed it and try not to let it out from my cage. Life is hard enough for you to add spices into it.  But above all, I love to see the face of happiness, happy news; it makes me happy as well. But it does not mean that I disgust bad news. Sorrows and bad news are important to wake me up to the reality of life and what I can contribute to make this world a better place to live.

I called mama this early morning and said thank you to her for giving birth to me. I owe her my life and my breath. I am living today because of her battle 27 years back. It is why God put mother at the highest level of mankind. Their sacrifice has formed the population on earth. We should never forget that. I am planning to say thank you to her more often afterward. She is the queen of my heart forever.

27. I welcome you wholeheartedly to my life. May the number will keep me motivated all the time.

P/s : My entry last year. Gosh, it's already a year. Cepatnya..