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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Living with De Quervain syndrome

Check this for a helicopter view :    De Quervain syndrome

I am normal from outside and you may not know anything wrong on me until you see my right hand trying to grip almost anything.

It happened about 3 months ago. I was supposed to proceed with treatments and injection but my fear is bigger than having to push my baby during delivery. It’s my hand people..or maybe I am still lacking of information on this syndrome.

I thought I have fully recovered last month since I don’t feel anything awkward on my hand movements, but lately my friends and families reminded me again of my imperfection..

1)       Colleagues : Mar, sakit lagi ya.. Nampak pelik la mar pegang garfu dan pisau..


2)       Kakak jual sarapan pagi : Adik, masih tak baik lagi ya?

Me answered : Eh, nampak sangat ke kak?

Kakak jual sarapan pagi : Nampak dik,macam susah sangat awak nak pegang sudip ambil kuih tu..

Me : Terima kasih kak sebab perasan.

Even on this small thing, people surrounding me are aware on my condition.. deep down I feel there are still people out there who do care on other people.

Within my silent jiffy from blogging, there are things happened here and there.. I was at the verge of losing trust on people and losing hope on myself.

It took me a moment to realize back on the virtue of living on earth and my priority as a muslim. God rescued me. Alhamdulillah Allah..

My de Quervain syndrome reminds me back that it is ok to be imperfect and it is normal.  I have to set straight my vision and mission and focus on what I have today. Swimming while drinking will make you drown to the deep of the ocean.

First thing first, I have to be brave and treat myself right on this syndrome. I shall continue with the treatments. :)

Being alone is more heartbreaking than being broke..

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