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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What a day

As I drove to my site office project at Cheras.....

 I saw something moving in my car!!

It was a tiny brown cockroach walked past through on my right mirror. How could I ever possibly to act normal while driving when my biggest fear was just an inch away from my face? 

Hahaha..I cried frantically in the car while zikrulllah to praise the Almighty Allah. AllahuAkbar.!!.Allahuakbar.!!.The tears are all over my face.

 For a moment, the creature was in stationary movement, I was a bit relieved then but keep speeding up my vehicle, and still crying like a cry baby.. Pity to Fariss Ayman..If he ever saw his mommy in that situation, he would laugh at me hard just like his father always does..( He is the one who hug me first if he saw his mother is sitting quietly on the floor and crying when in sadness; mostly due to exhaustion)..

But suddenly, out of nowhere..the cockroach was moving back and came nearer to my hand…  I was in shocked, my face turned to blue color I guess .. It’s hard to even imagine the situation again..I push immediately my brake pedal and strolled over to the side of the road. My heart beat fast..I wil never allow the tiny creature to crawl inside my cloth!!  :(

Every single part in the car I have checked..and confirmed it was untraceable..

Later I continue driving back to the nearest gas station and bought a big Ridsect ..I sprayed each single part and corner in my car when a police officer stopped by and asked what am I doing spraying nonstop since 5 minutes ago??.

He offered his help to remove the thing if there is something dangerous in the car..

 I smiled politely and said “ it’s just a small and tiny cockroach sir which I fear the most, I’m glad it’s not a lizard. Unless I will lose focus while driving and fear of another uncertainties such as accident..nauzubillah min zalik..

” The policeman replied back gently “ dah bape lama tak basuh kereta?” …Hihihihih.

What a day la.

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