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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

All in One

Having many girls in the house is totally a precious gift from God..
 I should thank Him every day.

Being raised in a family with 4 sisters including me must be one of many treasures Allah sent down from heaven..

It's hard to explain the feelings. But I believe anyone who has been raised up with sisters surrounding them will feel the same just like I do. Guys are important too in the family, who says not.. but in handling emotional dramas in the house, women are expert on this! Mama is the best in handling her 4 daughters.. There were cat fights, jet Li fighting, pondok-pondok stuffs, etc but mama gave her best to leave us with many good memories to be remembered in the house.

Our house in Johor Bahru is just an ordinary house, it's not too big and not too small.It's comfortable  to live in. There are no extraordinary things inside there. But, every day when I wake up in the morning in my own house in Cheras, I could smell mama's greenery garden, butterflies flying surrounding mama's bougainvillea bik munah is gardening..mama splashing water to her flowers and plants, adik and belang are chasing one another  etc...The image is so clear and pure. Indeed, our house in JB is so magnetic and my heart can't stay away too long apart.

They said, a father's responsibility is to provide his family a shelter to live in or in this point a house to his family while a mother's task is purely to turn it into a home for his family. Could this mean that mama has successfully accomplished her task?

And now, being a mother I should do the same. I should learn how to decorate my house with the teachings of Islam and happiness.

There are lots of electronic devices in the market nowadays and the one that is pretty obvious now is the Ipad. I can simply see most of our children today playing with their Ipad. Technology is good and it has help to improve our life to greater value today, but at one point there are things that I am scared of, of this gadget. I am scared if parents agreed to buy their child Ipad and they forget to spend quality time with the precious one. Without a proper observation and monitoring, World Wide Web is actually a silent killer to our moral and human value. I am scared if children will choose Ipad over bicycle or worst Ipad over Quran. You know, Ipad is so user friendly and the smallest kid I met who is 4 years old teach me to buy games from “market” and Ipad is easy to hold too and to be honest it can be addicted.. again without proper monitoring from parents. Hrmm..call me lame call me old fashioned ..but this is what keep spinning in my head looking at this situation. If let say, I am going to buy one for Fariss, will I have the ample time to teach him the correct way in handling Ipad?  Oh Allah, please guide me..

Eh ni dah sampai mana cerita pasal Ipad..:-) The truth is, I was longing to be on my bed at JB, having breakfast with a cup of tea on mama’s dining table, see my other cheeky sisters, chat with my witty ani, and laugh with my darling shamin and munirah.

 I have my own life today and my family, but sometimes the loneliness is a bit painful to handle. There are some people hurting me badly deep inside and I think for the time being they just won’t stop. Maybe they are happy doing that or maybe they find satisfaction by ripping my heart apart. I know people always said “You don’t have to like everybody because of course not everyone will like you too”, but to me that is not enough. Sometimes I cried silently in my fake smile.. not because of the torn you created, but because I felt pity to yourself. Is that your definition of happiness? Saya selalu percaya sejak kecil, kita tak perlu balas bila orang buat kita, sebab Allah di atas sedang memerhati, dan selalunya memang betul. Balasan Allah itu memang setimpal dengan apa yang kita buat. Mungkin kini, saya hanya perlu tunggu dan lihat sahaja..

Dear mama and my sisters, I miss you so much right now. I need your courage and strength to make me a stronger person today. May Allah love and bless all of you forever..Ameen..

P/s: Tak tahu nak kena tulis title apa. It's compulsory in blogspot. The title did not do justice to this entry.

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