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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Unwritten words

After being in a marriage for a quite long time, sometimes we were lost for words. It happens occasionally.. It’s not that it shows any lessening in level of affection or whatsoever, but it is more on merely being contented with the relationship, environment and marriage in that period. As a couple in new eras, mostly both of us go out for work to earn money for the family. It is not easy living in millennium time; the cost of living is very high and taxes we have to pay have taken out about nearly of our 1 month salary, traffic jam all the way back home etc. It was already stressed. 

While at home, we have kid/kids that are waiting and begging for us to donate our precious time ‘to be’ and participate in their growing period. Preparing meals, washing laundries, washing dishes, vacuum staircase etc….oh hold on. Honey, where are you? We saw someone in our house just now, walking past our kitchen, having shower in our bathroom and eating out bread, sitting next to us while having dinner, watching History Channel next beside us on our comfy couch…but wait! Who is he/she? Is there a stranger living in our house?

Pathetic. Every now and then, love sometimes lost its sparkle and it is more dangerous if it attacks the couple in silent. Being too dedicated in creating a brighter future for the rest of our family, we often forget to love again; being a lover to someone we loved dearly. The remedy need to be find to cure the disease. We simply look, judge and remember the bad sides of other people and simply too forget the good sides of other people. That; we called human. 

Being parents is not an easy task. We have to find the balance in order to have a balanced healthy life. We are busy doing everything, and now let’s be busy in falling in love again. No matter what is your age, as long as you are in a married status, let’s fall in love with our loved one. Create the sparkle, have that butterflies in your tummy again and get all romantically and mushy.

 After all, on our akad, that is our main vision right? The main vision of course to help each other to search for jannah, and to comply to Islamic teachings (Sunnah) to get married and merrily the world. The most essential aspect of the marriage contract is the commitment and acceptance. And don’t forget your vow to each partner once upon a time ago; “I promise always to respect you and love you. With kindness, unselfishness and trust, I will work by your side to create a wonderful life together. I take you (Name) to be my lawful (wife/husband), to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health for as long as we both shall live. Last but not least; to create our beautiful home in Jannah, insya allah”. 

This means, the longer period you are married, the more love you should produce and the happier you should become by now.

We always look at a bigger side in this world and sometimes we are unable to remember the good small things in life, like having dinner together with our husband/wife. Try to cherish every single moments with our dear partner because we might not have enough time after this. We do not know whether we will live for how long more in this world and we cannot predict our mental state of mind’s health ( Parkinson syndrome) and we cannot foresee our health condition in times ahead .. By that time, we will certainly regret that we have not tried our best to be the best lover to our love partner. Times flies very fast, and have you loved your best today?

 I blamed myself today. I was having a chaotic months with so many projects waiting for its datelines, data, sites to attend and the list is boring enough to be stated here.. 

His birthday was on 27-September-2012. We were both busy. I love him dearly, I love him dearly for God knows how my feeling is. I bought him a simple and decent card because that is the only shop in our small town (Kampung cheras) that sells cards. I think I could make a better design that the one I bought for him. I have not given the card yet to him. He has seen it on our cupboard without nothing written on it TODAY!!. I felt pain in the heart, like something stabbing hard on my heart. Did you get it? 

I believed I can do so much better than this! We celebrated his birthday on the night of his birthday, by throwing a humble dinner and small party at our dining room. The guest was the one and only our dear Fariss AYman. He was happy with the party, Alhamdulillah. But, I could not forgive myself for my ignorance in terms of his birthday card. He always did his best to celebrate me, to cheer me and love me fondly even though I throw my tantrum during my menstrual.

Honey bee honey.. I know you are my silent reader……  I want to dedicate my thoughts of you here, because that ‘decent’ card is too small for my big handwriting to write everything there.

If I had to describe my feelings of our marriage in one word, it would be happy. I am always thankful that we are married.
I love how we are together. I love that we still find things to talk about.
I love that we can still make each other laugh. I love that we know each other so well.
 I love how you understand me when I have a totally random, out of nowhere thought - and that many times you're having the same random thought.
 I love how we're a team. I love that our son loves you so much.
 I love your hugs. I love it when you kiss me on the forehead for no reason other than you wanted to.
 I love that you love and appreciate my hobbies. I love falling asleep with your arm around me. 
I love when you make breakfast. I especially love when you make dinner.
I love that you love to help me choosing the right and comfy shoes for me. I love that you know the type of bags that I love
 I love that we enjoy many of the same things, but are fine with having our own separate interests as well.
I love most when you be my Imam. I love all the time being your makmum. 
Most of all, I love you. I'm grateful every day that we are together. The past 4 years have seemed like no time at all.
Happy Birthday my Husband

 Yours sincerely,

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