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Thursday, December 6, 2012

On December..

Assalamualaikum wbt

"A tale of a woman" ...I must have abandoned you lately..because it’s  been a silent hiatus here...

How have you been treating yourself readers? How's the world been treating you? :-)  I have a great friend who is in high spirit to create a better lifestyle by hitting on gym regularly and obediently..she has changed a lot now physically and mostly emotionally..i am gdeeply happy for her step of success in creating a happy environment.. Yes, to be happy, you have to love yourself first..I am glad to see the new Aishah.. 

Here, we are driving a normal and simple life. Daddy was busy with his KIK competition on state level, and Alhamdulillah, all the time spent was worthwhile because AMpang Hospital won on all categories and his KIK won the first prize. For mommy, she was busy with her Next Generation Network (NGN) migration on her first ever site. The working subs customer was pretty big for a first site to handle, and mommy spent a lot of time at site and came home late especially for the last 2 weeks before her migration date. And Alhamdulillah it was a successful migration project too. The high speed broadband with fiber optic cable and the features will work well together after this insya allah. Don’t forget to use the technology wisely, peeps :-)

All people have things that they are looking forward to in life. Travelling, to get the best branded items on list, perfect man/lady in life, to create a better life for mankind,etc… But for the time being, both of us just have a passion in our career and what we are doing now. The passion came after the love we put into what we are doing..and it is a very peaceful feeling that comes naturally from inside. May Allah grant us for the things that we are doing sincerely to serve and create a better ummah and environment.

Living together as two heads with a totally dissimilar field of work, was actually a bit challenging in terms of communication..hahaha…He was telling the stories about helping patients , saving people lives, all medical terms which I clearly have a problem to pronounce correctly, the anticipation of doing surgeries, tumors been removed, patients  refused to be treated  and etc… While I was talking about cables been stolen, I was  lost in a middle of the road in searching of my sites while driving alone in a deserted road, the difference jab in a mdf sometimes will create a chaos in handling data and physically task at site, taking risks, dealing with different types of con tractors and people everyday, boredom  of sitting with mostly men all the time while not knowing what is the best topic to talk to with them other than football, never ending analyzing datas to find errors in thousands of numbers…etc…  

These are 2  people doing different things living together in a house. The things that get us connected back at home are foods, Jemaah prayer, doing HOLS together, and of course Fariss Ayman. We may not understand well the things our spouse do from 8am until 6pm++, but eventually the love will bring us back together. Hence, it is a simple life to us. And, Alhamdulillah, we are greatly happy with this humble life that we are leading.

Fariss Ayman has grown up so much lately.. I just realized that..maybe because I didn’t pay too much attention on his development  for the past 3 weeks..oh, pity him..We tried as much as we can to give ample time in a day to give meaningful moments just for him to remember the existence of his parent and the never ending love that we have on him… It was a struggle, and that made us strong.

2012 has almost reaching its closure, and we shall continue to live the life to the fullest, by having passion in every single things that we do, and oh not forgetting to respect one another.

 Extracting masterlist and change report at 10 pm, and oh taking orders from customers

When I don't have time to take pictures of the items at HOLS, sometimes this is the way to promote to other people at our fanpage.

We had an extreme source of joy when we eat healthy food. -Easy steamed fish recipe-

Daddy was too tired to even focus on the Al hijrah tv program, but not Fariss.

On my second attempt, Fariss was still in being focus mode.

We can't chill mom, it's azan maghrib. Rush daddy rush for the ablution!

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