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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Morib weekend getaway

Our first so called beach vacation was nearly 4 years back. My auntie Cik yah was kind enough to sponsor the vacation from the accommodation to foods. It was a thrilling experience. We were just married about 2 months and I have had to travel to Lanjut, Pahang and had to force myself to understand well map reading things. He refused to let me conquer the steering, hence I  had to be mrs co-pilot aka map reader road guidance. Cheh!

The place was fascinating. We played kites and the wind was so strong that ripped apart ALL our kites. (Did I mention we bought our kites 3 times in a day?) I love this kind of wind that blows away my stressful days in its own rhythm and symphony… I just love it. If someone offered me a beach vacation, I won’t hesitate to agree in split second. It’s just my forte..

Being a wife to Fuad, I have to be considerate and understanding his tight schedule. He is really keen to pursue his career to an upper level, meaning that there are lots to be sacrificed including a family vacation. Hahahaha. (evil mode).

Chaotic and hectic it was on our very last week. We made a fast decision to plan a holiday to the nearest beach. Fariss loves to swim at our swimming pool provided by the developer. Hence, the nearest we could go was Morib beach. (Close your eyes and try to imagine a white sandy beach, strolling your body along a beautiful beach where breezing wind just whispering close to your ear….Aaahhhh.)      NO!!. Morib was far away from any of my imaginations) But we still need a weekend getaway from KL. We stayed a night at Impian Morib Resort. The resort was very nice. You can find peace and tranquility inside the resort itself. It has a peaceful landscape design. All the furniture are made from teak wood but the interior has a sense of modern type decoration. I had a love at first sight.

Fariss had his first experience to see a real beach; a mud sandy beach. I was a bit frustrated because Fariss was so eager to swim but both of us agreed to refuse. Hence, we were just strolling along the muddy beach and having to feel satisfied wonder the Mother Nature that has been ruptured by the Klang River that carried along all the rubbish and our stools to the sea..

Anyhow, we manage to spend our quality time playing at the swimming pool. Just like we predicted earlier, when Fariss has touched the water, it’s quite hard to take him out from the water. He loves water so much.. My baby has grown up so fast..

Here are some of the photos taken at the Morib. Let me remind you early; the humpty dumpty oversized lady is me, carrying someone inside me. You may leave this blog immediately if you feel distracted by the view. Hahaha..


The boys had an evening walk together

 The little boy who refused to get out from the water.


Morning walk along the beach

the boys

Mommy and Fariss

I love this moment...

The boy who wonders the nature

Looking at something my dear ?



107 room

We shall come again soon!

 We pay a visit to Shazmin and Rifaiee's house before we head straight to Setiawangsa!

Oh. Last week was my Best Friend's Birthday; Raihan . I am glad I wish her birthday eventhough we were in tight schedule last week. I am not very good in remembering special events and dates but for some very special persons, I won't forgive myself if I forget to remember their special day.

Happy Birthday To You My Dear RAIHAN!!


  1. hahaha.pantas sahaja kamu ya nadiah!
    nadiah mesti lagi comel skrg..dah nak dekat due date kan..hihi kalau tak silap awal bulan 7 atau akhir bulan 6 kan?

    Mar ni awal bulan 9, tapi macam pregnant dah 6 bulan lebih..boss kat ofis ingatkan mar due next month sbb perutku memboyot mantap ke depan!


  2. hye mar.. kitorang pernah stay di impian morib juga last time... tempat best.. especially swimming pool hihi try tak sotong kering bakar di pantai morib tu..our fav tu.. nnt bwk farish bercuti di gold course morib pula.. best jugak :P

  3. kak cida,gold cost morib monday pun dah penuh masa booking.. tinggal impian je. sotong kering dia sedap eh ?

    Ktrg tak sempat nak pergi makakan luar malam tu. Pukul 8 lebih je dah hujan lebat sampai pukul 12 lebih. Fariss pun dah tido nak bawak jalan keluar :-)

    oklah morib. tenang je. kalau nak ilangkan stress dan penat memang sesuaila untuk relaks :_0

    gold coast morib ke sepang lagi ok kak cida ?