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Friday, November 1, 2013

20 minutes of my ONLY ample time

I have promised myself I am going to write something even though it is a sentence of thoughts whenever I have more or less 20 minutes of my ample time.

Both kids are sleeping heavenly.. their mom is running her life like a super woman. I barely have enough time to even comb my hair. Mom would scold me if she saw me bear a resemblance to nenek kebayan..

I suggest any mom with more than 1 kid, to cut off short your hair during confinement. I don’t have to wait until the confinement period ended. I violated the rule; on my day 35 of confinement, I dragged along my mom to an aunty shop to chop off our hair. It was like I had been fighting for freedom for 35 days in the prison I created myself.  Served you right Akmar!! Padan muka!

It is chaotic here. I would describe my confinement period is a lot tougher than the labor process itself. I would volunteer myself to ‘push’ on behalf of other woman if I have to.  And today is our day 52, together as a family. It is a celebration. Weehuu!!

I salute any mom out there who successfully raised their kids without a helper. I need one .hihi

Did I mention about the breastfeeding journey? Oh wow, it is a beautiful journey indeed. I feel blessed everyday. Thank you Allah. When you eat right, have a stable state of mind, and far most important is to have faith in Allah, insya Allah the reward is there. I meant, for the kid. In my situation;kids. Yes, I am a wet nurse to my own niece. I am wet nursing her during my confinement period and automatically I am a mother of 3 now! Hahaaha. I have an aim, and usually I am very competitive with my self. If I had set the target, I do really want to achieve that. I want to have at least 80 packets of milk in my freezer before I started back to work soon. Dear Allah, please let it happened. Amin.

Oh currently, Abang Fuad is struggling for his first exam. I am still in JB with Ayman and Ayesha.I have to extend another week of holiday since his final exam will be on the 13th Nov if he passed the exam. Dear Allah, please forgive him for all his wrongdoings and let he pass with flying colors. Amin..

I think I still owe you a short entry of my labor experience right? It was such a pleasant experience and I could not thank much to the staffs of Ampang Hospital for their hospitality. Since it was my first time of normal labor without any drugs taken, I think I should write on tips to have a smooth labor and pleasurable contractions. Pleasure contractions; should I say that? I was eating and enjoying a full mouth with a big bite of burger with abang Fuad when suddenly I screamed out loud “ it is time to push sayang”!!.I had opened 7 cm on that time. I was warded at 3:30pm with 1 os opening and it was only circa 6:45 p.m when we were having our dinner together on bed. Hahaha..Funny moment indeed!

Fariss has asked his meal. He has opened his eyes.

 I am an on call mother for like a never ending time. A job is a job. It needs to be done sincerely. It’s time to go! 

Oh..I miss you badly “A tale of a woman”.. Till paper meets pen again!

Have a blast holiday everyone!

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