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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bonjour 2017 !

Hi !!!

It's been ages! No post at all in 2016 even though  it was the most dramatic year of my life..

I have been quite active on Instagram of late.. Since I did not get the chance to write anything here, I opted with simple photos that I took on my daily life with my little family and friends.

I think, I shall write again soon here. So many things that I would like to share with you..mostly about my emotional growth , my relationship with people around me..and maybe some recipes that I always cook for my family..wink wink..

I have started this blog when I was 24 years old exactly when it was early 2009.. few months after I get married to the man of my life.

I recently celebrated my birthday on 22nd February. You are doing some sort of simple calculation by now aren't you ? hahahaha..I am 32 this year and I feel really old...I just want to make peace with everyone.. I don't welcome any drama in my life. My time have been occupied with my kids everyday..They both are growing up like a champ ! Fariss is so big and tall now. He is 6 . He is the first person who taught me the real meaning of love. Oh Fariss...a book itself is not enough for me to write everything about you.  And not forgetting my Fadwa.. Masya Allah. People often say she resembles me in many ways. We get along easily because we understand one another perfectly. She is my best friend. Huhu.

So, I think we shall meet again on my next post. I will be posting again here soon Insha Allah. I missed this private space of mine so much !!

See you guys soon !!

P/s : Oh, I've started to make some videos of 1 minute duration on Instagram too ..They are basically on random issues , and people have been responded with positive comments.  Alhamdulillah..

So here there are..my simple summary of my latest update of my life :

 Fariss, my little hero.

 Fariss, Ayesha and my nephew Ammar :-)

Life drama. No thanks.

My birthday cake this year.
 While attending Canteen Day ..

 Love them.

Received this from my best man.



 Will be posting this only on Instagram.